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Should You Go to Traffic School for Reckless Driving in Virginia? (5 Reasons the Answer Is Yes!)

June 30, 2021

Should You Go to Traffic School for Reckless Driving in Virginia? (5 Reasons the Answer Is Yes!)

There were approximately 500,000 people in Virginia who received speeding tickets in 2018. In addition, another 120,000 were charged with reckless driving. Reckless driving is a criminal charge and remains on your driving record for 11 years.

Both speeding and reckless driving impact your insurance rates and the ability to maintain a driver's license. If you receive a moving violation you should consider attending an aggressive driving school in Virginia. Read on to find out why traffic school for reckless driving is beneficial.

Reasons to Attend Aggressive Driving School in Virginia

There are many benefits to attending an aggressive driving course, even if you do not have any tickets on your license. We are going to look at five benefits of going to traffic school for reckless driving.

1. A Reckless Driving Class Fulfills Court Requirements

When you appear in court for a moving violation the court may require you to take a driver improvement class. Colonial Driving School can help you find the proper course to fulfill your needs. Our website checks on whether you have a ticket and directs you to our 8-hour improvement course that meets court requirements.

2. Maintain or Reinstate Your Drivers License

Accumulating too many points can result in your driver's license being suspended or revoked. Each traffic violation in Virginia places 3, 4, or 6 penalty points on your license.

Having your license suspended or revoked is inconvenient. To receive a reinstatement the Department of Motor Vehicles may require that fees be paid. You may also need to take a driver improvement course.

Colonial Driving School satisfies all DMV requirements and you will receive a certificate of completion to take to the courthouse. Colonial Driving School also notifies the court electronically of your successful completion of the course.

3. Safe Driving Points

The state of Virginia awards safe driver points for driving without receiving tickets or being in accidents. Every year you drive without receiving a moving violation you receive one safety point.

Taking a safe driving course allows you to earn five safe driver points at one time. You can retake the course to add additional points every 24 months.

4.  Reduced Auto Insurance Rates

If you take a driver improvement course in Virginia, car insurance companies may discount your premium. You must remain incident-free to retain the price reduction. Some companies will reinstate lower rates if you retake the driving course.

5. Reduce Criminal Charges

There are 14 moving violations that result in a reckless driving charge in Virginia. These include having a faulty vehicle, failing to properly signal, driving with your view obstructed, and driving at a speed that is too fast for road conditions. Speeding is the most common reason for the issuance of reckless driver violations in Virginia.

This is a serious charge for which you may receive:

  • Up to 6-month suspension on your driver’s license
  • 6 points on your driving record
  • Up to 1 year in jail
  • Up to a $2,500 fine

If the court orders you to attend traffic school for reckless driving, you need to take a RADEP driving course.

RADEP Driving Course in Virginia

RADEP is a combination of a 4-hour course that focuses on behavior and attitude dynamics of driving and the National Safety Council’s 8-hour driving course. This course is available at Be Better Drivers and meets the 12-hour reckless driving class in VA (RADEP) requirements of the DMV.

If you are not in possession of a reckless driving ticket, we recommend you take a shorter 8-hour DIC course at Colonial Driving School to assist you in reducing your speeding tickets.

8-Hour Driver Improvement Course (DIC)

The Colonial Driving School 8-Hour Driver Improvement Course can help drivers who receive speeding tickets.

The purpose of this course is to help Virginia drivers of all levels improve their defensive driving skills. This course is available in either an in-person option or an online course that helps you reap the benefits in whichever version fits your needs and method of learning.

The course progresses through a series of course material readings followed by short quizzes. The topics covered include:

  • Road hazards
  • Virginia traffic laws
  • Quick response maneuvers
  • Common driver violations
  • Improving driving habits
  • Avoiding moving violations
  • Prevention of accidents

This Driver Improvement Course is a good option for the satisfaction of a court order, to fulfill a requirement of the DMV, and to receive a dismissal on traffic violations, including speeding. Other benefits include receiving safe driving points on your license and a discount on your auto insurance.

Benefits of Colonial Driving School

  • DMV Certified and Court-Approved—We meet the DMV requirement for court-ordered driving school, provide you with a certificate of completion and notify DMV electronically of your completing the course.
  • Affordable—Our Defensive Driving Course is only $90, and you may receive a $15 discount for signing up in advance.
  • Flexible Scheduling—Online courses are available and after completing the course you come into our office to take your test and receive your certificate.
  • Ticket Elimination/Reduction—Showing the court you have completed our course may reduce or dismiss your ticket.
  • Reduce Insurance Premiums—Your auto insurance carrier may offer discounts to drivers who voluntarily complete a driving program.
  • Safe Driving Points—If you take one of our courses, you can receive five safe driving points at one time on your driving record.

Other Courses Available at Colonial Driving School

In addition to assisting you in reducing or eliminating your moving violations, Colonial Driving School offers other classes that benefit anyone, including driver education classes for teens and adults.

Adult Driver Education

The adult class allows anyone over 18 with a Virginia learner’s permit to take Adult Driver’s Education. You then receive an Adult Waiver that allows you to obtain your driver’s license through the mail.

There is also a way to obtain an adult license without the 60-day waiting period. First, you take the knowledge portion of the test to obtain a learner’s permit. Then, you move to the Adult Behind-the-Wheel course to prove you are sufficient in driving.

Once those two portions are complete you may take the Road Test course, which replaces the 60-day waiting period for a DMV road test and allows you to receive your license. If you are not comfortable in the classroom setting, private lessons are also available.

Teen adult education

Teens must take a 30-hour online Knowledge Course to meet the requirements of the DMV for teens under 17 years of age. They must then participate in a Behind-the-Wheel course which consists of seven separate 50-minute drive time lessons. The final lesson is the road exam for obtaining a license. Private lessons are also available for teens.

3 Fail Course

This is an 8-hour course that is mandatory for those who fail to pass the learner’s permit test. Under Virginia law, if you fail the test three times, you must take this course before you can attempt your test again.

Improve Your Driving Today

Whether you are looking to reduce a ticket, reduce your insurance premium, or add some safe driving points to your record, Colonial Driving School meets everyone's needs for an aggressive driving school in Virginia.

We recommend you check out our six driving course options online. You can also give us a call at (804) 526-2197 or send an email to info@colonialdirvingschool.com. We look forward to helping you get back on the road!