Personalized Instruction

This class is often small, which enables the instructor to tailor the curriculum to the students’ learning styles. We combine a variety of different teaching techniques to help prepare every student to pass the test their very next try.

Competitive Prices

We value your business! We don’t want price to get in the way, which is why continually try to keep prices low. Also, by registering online you can take advantage of the $15 pre-pay discount!

DMV Certified

This course is DMV certified  for students who have failed the learners permit test 3 times. At the end of this 8 hour class, you’ll receive a certificate which will enable you to retake the test as many times as necessary.

Failed Three or More Times?

Passing the Virginia learner’s permit test is difficult, and many people fail it 3 or more times. Virginia law states that students who fail 3 or more times must take a re-examination course before attempting the test again. If you need this course, Colonial Driving School is here for you!

For Students 18 Years Old and up

Virginia law allows adults age 18 and up to take the 8 hour Driver Manual Course regardless of whether they ever passed Driver’s Ed classroom in the public school.  We offer it every other Saturday beginning at 8:30am and going for 8 hours (exclusive of breaks). The class uses a mixture of PowerPoint, Q&A, and group discussion to keep it engaging and interactive.

If you register online you will get the $15 prepay discount off the regular (walk-in) price of $190. The balance is due before class.  You will receive your certificate directly after class.  Please bring your DMV I.D. card or your DMV I.D. number which was assigned to you when you first attempted the learner’s permit test.  DMV can give you the number, if you don’t know it.  If you are under 18, you must bring your Driver’s Ed Green Card which is proof that you passed Driver’s Ed Classroom.  You can get that from your high school guidance office. See “Info for Younger Students” below.

What Makes A Driving School A Good Driving School

For Younger Students (under 18 years old)

Students that are under 18 are required to take the 30-hour Driver’s Ed Classroom course before they can have a 3 Fail Certificate. If you passed Driver’s Ed Class in high school, then you are eligible for the 8 hour 3 Fail Course.  But if you never took (or didn’t pass) Driver’s Ed classroom in high school, then you have to take it now to fulfill the 3 Fail requirement.  The good news is that if you are 17 or younger, the same 30 hour course will fulfill your Driver’s Ed Classroom requirement AND your 3 Fail requirement.

If you are under 18, and you never passed the classroom portion of Driver’s Ed, call the office to sign up for “Classroom.”  It is taught every month, and costs $250.00.  The office number is (804) 526-2197.