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Adult Drivers Education

Adult Driving School Package

Special Note for COVID-19: Now that it is difficult or impossible to get an appointment to take the road skills test at DMV, the only way for most adults in Virginia to get a driver’s license is by taking a 2-Part Adult Driver’s Education course.

If you are 18 years or older, have a Virginia learner’s permit, can already drive, and have never had a license in Virginia before, you can get your license through Adult Driver’s Education. After completing Adult Driver’s Education, you get an Adult Waiver which you can mail into DMV and they will mail you your driver’s license.

Note: If you have already passed classroom Driver’s Ed in a Virginia public school, you can present your Driver’s Ed Green Card (DEC-01) in lieu of re-taking the Knowledge portion of Adult Driver’s Ed. Disclaimer: The Behind the Wheel portion of Adult Driver’s Education is not sufficient to teach a beginner to drive. Beginners will need to take 3-5 Private Lessons before attempting Adult Behind the Wheel.

How to get a driver's license with no 60-day waiting period if you are already a proficient driver.

Step 1 – Knowledge Portion 

In order for us to license you, you must take the knowledge portion and the In-Car portion of Driver’s Ed with us. If you don’t have a learner’s permit yet, the knowledge portion will prepare you to pass your learner’s permit test at DMV. The course also satisfies any 3-Fail requirement that you may have.

Step 2 – Behind-the-Wheel

Adult Behind-the-Wheel consists of seven 50-minute in-car sessions covering neighborhood, city, and suburban driving. Note: this is not a teaching course. The purpose is to let you prove you are proficient in driving so we can license you. If you need to learn to drive, then we have private lessons for you.

Step 3 – Road Test

After you complete the knowledge and In-Car portions of Adult Driver’s Ed, we can administer your DMV Road Skills Test and give you your Adult Waiver.  There is no need to wait 60 days or go to the DMV to be tested. We can do everything except Learner’s Permit Testing here, with no waiting period. The total cost for the package is $499.

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