You’ll be taught by the best instructors  in the area. Colonial Driving School teachers are qualified, well-trained, and genuinely love what they do.


No more stressful dealings with the DMV — We take care of everything for you.  You take your classroom, your Behind-the-Wheel, and your Road Test with us.

Approved Curriculum

We’re a DMV authorized Driving Training School, so once you successfully complete the course, you can get your license from us!

Court Ordered Driving School

Is Adult Drivers Education Right for Me?

If you already know how to drive and need to get your license quickly, Adult Driver’s Ed may be a good choice for you. The alternative is Private Lessons, which is the best and cheapest choice for beginning drivers who want to get their license.

How does Adult Drivers Education Work?

Students must be at least 18 years of age, complete both Classroom and Behind the Wheel, and pass the driving test with us. Since there is no waiting period between getting a learner’s permit and being licensed, this is only a good option for students who are already proficient drivers. The Behind-the-Wheel component of Adult Driver’s Ed is not sufficient to safely license a beginning driver without additional Private Lessons.

Two-Part Course


The classroom portion of Adult Drivers Education is a comprehensive overview of how to drive safely and responsibly in the state of Virginia. Taught by excellent instructors, students will obtain a working knowledge of Virginia laws, rules of the road, emergency procedures, vehicle maintenance, and much more! Classes are engaging. If you like boring lectures, then this course probably isn’t for if. If you like classes that are fun and interactive, you’ll fit right in at Colonial Driving School. The course is held every month, is 30 hours long, and there is a computer version available for adults who can’t fit the class times into their schedules.

“Private Lessons Are Great!”

I was nervous when I first came to Colonial Driving School, but as I went through the private lessons, I started having fun! And here I am, I have my license! Great lessons, great school, and a great instructor!

Samanthan Allen 2

Jennifer is hands down the best driving teacher ever! I had never driven on the main road before I came here, and she made the whole experience so comfortable. I wouldn’t have gotten my license without her! Thanks for everything!

Samantha Allen
“Terrific Place To Learn”

Colonial Driving School is a terrific place to learn how to drive. I took private lessons with Ms. Noyes and cannot praise her enough for her excellent instruction. She is incredibly patient and does a wonderful job keeping even the most anxious of people calm. Colonial Driving School has easily earned my highest recommendations.

Sean Matthews

Behind-the-Wheel consists of 7 lessons done with an instructor and another adult student.  Each student drives for 50 minutes of the lesson, and observes his/her partner for the balance of the time.  In these lessons students have the opportunity to demonstrate their proficiency in all areas of driving including highways, city traffic, and various kinds of parking.  On the 7th lesson the instructor will administer the DMV Road Test, and if the student passes, he can get his license from us that same day!

Driving Confidence: