Friendly Customer Service

We pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer service! We’re always available to be contacted with a question or a concern, and we’d love to personally walk you through the process of getting you your driver’s license. Our business strategy is simple: we value our customers.

Excellent Instructors

We hire only the best at Colonial Driving School. We value both effectiveness and enthusiasm. All of our instructors have demonstrated mastery over their curriculum, are fun and outgoing, and have a passion for teaching. They make each class worthwhile and enjoyable all at the same time!

Fast and Flexible Scheduling

We understand that both our students and their parents have busy schedules, which is why we focus so much energy on making our schedule flexible. And if you have to reschedule something, we’ll be happy to walk you through that process! No problem!

How to Get a Driver's License!

1. If you’re 17 or younger, you’ll have to start by going to the DMV to get your learner’s permit. Then you’ll have to hold  you permit for 9 months, during which time you’ll have to complete Driver’s Education, Behind-the-Wheel, and maintain a 45 hour driving log*. Once all those requirements are completed, the school that provided the Behind-the-Wheel instruction will issue the license! You’ll receive your hard copy from a judge at a licensing ceremony a couple of months later.


2. If you’re 18 or older, you’ll have to start by going to the DMV to get your learner’s permit. Once you pass the test, you’ll have to hold the permit for 60 days and then go back to the DMV to take the road test. Assuming you pass, the DMV will issue to you you your license!

We Have Everything You Need to Get a License!

Drivers Education


Our curriculum has been specifically designed by the Virginia Association of Driver Education and Traffic Safety (VADETS) and certified by the Virginia DMV to be a comprehensive overview for Virginia drivers.  After completing the course, each student will be prepared to enter the roadway as a knowledgeable licensed driver. This 30 hour course is offered in monthly modules for $250. . You can register over the phone or in person.

During the course, students will learn a variety of different concepts, techniques, and strategies to help minimize risk. Students will learn the rules of the road, dangers of impaired driving, hazards of inclement weather and adverse road conditions, vehicle maintenance, Virginia statues, and more. By the end, each student will be better equipped to drive in the state of Virginia.


Behind-the-Wheel consists of seven lessons of approximately 2 hours each.  Our DMV Certified Instructors are specially trained to provide each student with the confidence and technique necessary to operate a motor vehicle safely and responsibly in the state of Virginia. Sessions are conducted in a specially equipped DMV certified Driver’s Ed vehicle and include a combination of back roads, city, and highway driving. Students have the opportunity to drive as well as observe; as both state mandated forms of instruction carry much benefit. The price is $235. You can register over the phone or in person.

Throughout the course, students will learn how to check blind spots, maintain proper lane position, keep control while going through turns, utilize proper acceleration and braking techniques, observe standard right of way norms, and even (sometimes) how to parallel park! This is an exciting and important course for all teenagers, which is why we pride ourselves on excellent DMV certified instructors and curriculum.


This is the classroom portion of Driver’s Education.  Classroom is the correct course for you if you are under 19 years of age, and you don’t have your learner’s yet.  (If you already took passed Classroom in school and are Re-Taking it now for 3 Fail, you qualify for a 3 Fail Discount — be sure to ask for it when you call to register!)


This course is for students who have already successfully completed the Classroom portion of Drivers Ed in high school,  Assuming all other requirements are satisfied, we’re authorized to issue you your license directly after your last class!  Give us a call to register and get scheduled today.