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Teen Drivers Education

Teen Drivers Education and Training

Students need both Knowledge (classroom) and Behind-the-Wheel to receive a license.

Knowledge Course (classroom)

This 30-hour online course satisfies the DMV requirement for students age 17 and under. It also satisfies the 3-Fail requirement for those trying to get a learner’s permit. Students will learn the rules of the road and various strategies for driving defensively and minimizing risk.

The Knowledge course costs $175

Behind-the-Wheel (vehicle)

Behind-the-Wheel consists of seven 50 minute drive times plus seven 50 minute observations (waived during COVID). Upon successfully completing the road exam during the 7th lesson, the student will receive their license. You can learn more about the program below.

Teen Behind the Wheel costs $275. 

For a complete guide on how to get your license, check out our blog on how to get a driver’s license!

*Behind-the-Wheel isn’t designed to teach driving, but to prove that the student is ready to have a license. If you’d like us to teach you to drive, check out our private driving lessons!

Knowledge Portion (Classroom)

Our Knowledge curriculum has been approved by the Department of Education to be a comprehensive overview for Virginia drivers.  This 30 hour online course taken separately costs $175.  

In addition to completing the Knowledge portion, students will need to complete In-Car (Behind-the-Wheel) portion of Driver’s Ed and successfully pass the road skills examination before we can issue them a provisional driver’s license. Parents will have to certify that the student has completed 45 hours of practice driving, 15 of which were at night.

If the student has had a learner’s permit for at least 8 months, has completed his 45 hour driving log, and is ready to pass the road test, then he can the full 2-part Driver’s Ed Package (both courses concurrently) for $380


Behind-the-Wheel consists of seven lessons.  As mandated by state law, each lesson consists of 50 minutes of drive time and 50 minutes of observation time (waived during COVID) for each student. Sessions are conducted in a specially equipped DMV certified Driver’s Ed vehicle and include a combination of back roads, city, and highway driving. We administer the DMV road skills examination on the 7th lesson, and if the student passes and all the other requirements are met, we issue the student’s provisional driver’s license.  The price is $275 for Behind the Wheel alone

In order to qualify to take Behind the Wheel, students must have passed the Knowledge portion of Drivers Ed, held a learner’s permit for at least 7 months, completed 45 hours of driving with parents, and be fully competent in back roads, main roads, highways, city driving, and parking.  If a student is not there yet, we have a great private lessons program that can teach them what they need to know.  If a student is otherwise qualified to take Behind the Wheel, but he never passed the Knowledge portion, then he can take both courses concurrently.  The cost for the full 2 part Drivers Ed package (both Knowledge and Behind the Wheel taken concurrently) is $380.

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