Private Lessons

Private Driving Lessons for Teenagers and Adults

Single Lesson

If you want your driving assessed or you have a single goal in mind (like learning to Parallel Park), then a single lesson is what you want.

The cost for a single 2-hour lesson is $150.00

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3 Lesson Package

If you have some driving experience but are not ready to have a license, then the Three Lesson Package is probably the best for you. We will begin where you are and bring you to the place where you are ready to pass your DMV road test.

The cost for three 2-hour lessons is $420.00

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5 Lesson Package

Many beginners can learn to drive well enough to be licensed by taking the Five Lesson Package. It is the cheapest by the hour of all the packages, and is our most commonly purchased package.

The cost for five 2-hour lessons is $590.00

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What is Private Driving Lessons?

"Private Lessons" are what we call the lessons that teach you to drive (unlike Behind the Wheel lessons which are mainly for testing and licensing). At Colonial Driving School we have a proprietary program to teach you to drive quickly and painlessly. Many of our students can go from no experience to being ready for a license in 5 lessons.

Who can take the course?

If you have a learner’s permit or a driver’s license (from anywhere), you can take the course. The lessons are customizable, which means we can help you with whatever you want to learn. Are you good on main roads but afraid of the highway? No problem!  Are you hopeless at parking? You will be teaching your friends how to park after learning it here.

I have special needs

At Colonial Driving School we have a long history of helping people learn who have failed before, and who never thought they would be able to drive independently. Anxiety, ADD, accident-related PTSD, autism/asberger’s, physical disabilities, cognitive impairments, lack of english language skills - we have successfully assisted students with all these conditions and they are safely driving today. Do not underestimate yourself! If you are capable of learning to drive, we can teach you. Special rates apply for Special Needs Private Lessons. Call the office to discuss your options.

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What are the next steps?

Upon signing up for your package, you will receive an email instructing you to call the office to schedule your lessons. We have appointment times most days of the week in the morning, afternoon, and evening. If you need to be picked up for your lessons, speak to the office about adding pick up & drop off to your lesson package.

You must have a learner's permit or some other document that allows you to legally drive in Virginia in order to take Private Lessons.

Frequently asked questions

Do Private Driving Lessons count toward my Behind the Wheel requirement? Will I get my license at the end of it?

No. Private Driving Lessons are completely separate from the required Behind the Wheel course. You do not get a license through private lessons, you just work on driving skill. You will need to take Behind the Wheel later, after you are a proficient driver, to get a license.

I have special needs (Aspergers, PTSD, Anxiety) or I don’t speak English well. Can I take lessons?

Yes, if you are capable of learning to drive, we will do our best to teach you. Special rates and conditions may apply.

Do you use my car or yours?

All lessons are conducted in a specially equipped driving school car.

Do I need a learner’s permit to take Private Driving lessons?

Yes, you either need a learner’s permit or some other document that allows you to legally be behind the wheel of a car in Virginia.

I am physically disabled. Can I take lessons?

If you require special equipment to drive, then no.

Do you have any standard transmission (stick shift) cars?

No. All our vehicles are automatic transmission. But if you have a stick shift car, we have teachers who will teach you in your car.

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