Teen Drivers Education

Teen Drivers Education and Training

Knowledge Course (classroom)

This 30-hour online course satisfies the DMV requirement for students age 17 and under. It also satisfies the 3-Fail requirement for teens who never took driver's ed and have failed the learner's permit test 3 times. Students will learn the rules of the road and various strategies for driving defensively and minimizing risk.

The Knowledge course costs $180

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Behind-the-Wheel (vehicle)

Behind-the-Wheel consists of seven 50 minute drive times plus seven 50 minute observations (waived during COVID). Upon successfully completing the road exam during the 7th lesson, the students will receive their license. You can learn more about the program below.

Teen Behind the Wheel costs $375.

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Both Courses

Ordinarily you must have passed the Knowledge course before beginning Behind the Wheel.  But if a student is eligible to sign up for Behind the Wheel and hasn’t taken the Knowledge Course yet, it is OK take BOTH courses simultaneously with the same school.

Both courses taken together costs $499.00

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Knowledge Course (Classroom)

We offer the Virginia-approved Drivers Ed Knowledge which is required for all students under 18 years of age. You can take it before or after receiving your learner's permit. In fact, it's a great way to prepare for the learner's permit test!

After registering, you will receive an email with a link to your course. Please keep the email because it is your access gateway to get in and out of the course. The program will keep track of your progress, so work at your own pace! When you've finished all of the modules, you come into the driving school to take your final exam. No appointment is necessary. You can come in any time during business hours to test.

After completing the course (and obtaining your learner's permit), you're ready to learn to drive.  We have a great Private Driving Lessons program to get you safely driving quickly.

If you failed the learner's permit test 3 times, this course will satisfy your 3 Fail requirement.

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Behind-the-Wheel consists of seven, 50 minute lessons. We conduct sessions in a specially equipped DMV certified Driver’s Ed vehicle and include a combination of back roads, city, and highway driving. We administer the DMV road skills examination on the 7th lesson, and if the student passes and all the other requirements are met, we issue the student’s provisional driver’s license.To qualify to take Behind-the-Wheel, students must have:

1. Passed the Knowledge portion of Drivers Ed
2. Held a learner’s permit for at least 7 months
3. Completed 45 hours of driving with parents
4. Learned how to be fully competent in back roads, main roads, highways, city driving, and parking

If a student is not there yet, we have a great private lessons program that can teach them what they need to know.

The price is $375 for Behind-the-Wheel.

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Both Courses

To take Behind-the-Wheel, students must have either passed the Knowledge portion of Driver's Ed or be taking it concurrently at the school that is conducting Behind-the-Wheel. A student cannot register for Behind-the-Wheel with one school while taking the Knowledge course at another.

Colonial Driving School offers a "BOTH" package consisting of both the Knowledge portion and Behind-the-Wheel concurrently.

To qualify to take BOTH, a student must have:

1. Held a learner’s permit for at least 9 months
2. Completed 45 hours of driving with parents
3. Learned how to be fully competent in back roads, main roads, highways, city driving, and parking.

The price is $380 for the BOTH package.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I take Behind the Wheel if I have a learner’s but never passed Driver’s Ed in school?

No. VA law requires that students complete the Knowledge portion of Driver’s Ed before or concurrently with Behind the Wheel.

just got my learner’s. Can I take Driver’s Ed immediately?

You can take the Knowledge portion immediately, if you haven’t already done so, but you need to wait until you are close to your 9 month anniversary of getting your learner’s before taking Behind the Wheel.

I will turn 18 soon. Should I take this or Adult Driver’s Education?

If you are within 3 months of your 18th birthday, you should take Adult Behind the Wheel. It doesn’t matter which Knowlege course you take (Adult or Teen).

I’m almost finished the classroom portion right now. Can I take Behind the Wheel?

Virginia law states that you can only take Behind the Wheel concurrently with the Knowledge portion (also called “classroom”) if you are taking both at the same school. So if you are almost finished our Colonial Driving School Knowledge course, then you can start Behind the Wheel now. If not, you have to complete your course before you schedule Behind the Wheel lessons.

I have a learner’s from another state. Can I take Driver’s Ed here?

You should take VA driver’s ed if you are seeking a VA license. You have to have a permanent address in VA and pass the VA learner’s permit test to get a VA license. If you are seeking a license in a different state, then rules will vary. Check with the DMV in your state to see if they will accept VA driver’s ed.

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