Driver Improvement Clinic

National Safety Council 8 Hour Defensive Driving Course

DMV Certified/Court Approved

The National Safety council in-person course is accepted in all 50 states. We notify the Virginia DMV electronically of your successful completion but you will also get a paper certificate to give to the court.


We keep costs low, and therefore, prices competitive. The cost is $90, but you  can get a $15 prepay discount for registering more than 24 in advance, which brings the total price down to $75.

Convenient Scheduling

The 8 hour in-person classes are offered every Saturday beginning at 8am. If Saturdays don’t work with your schedule, you can check out our online course.

Who should take this course?

If you received a speeding ticket or have too many negative driving points, this course is for you! Colonial Driving School offers a DMV Certified 8-hour Driver Improvement Clinic to teach Defensive Driving to students who have been referred to driving school by the DMV or the court system, or individuals who just want to get points taken off their licenses. Students can take the class as a volunteer every two years and get up to 5 safe-driving points, and they can take it more often if the courts/DMV require it.

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What does the course cover?

During the course, we train students to drive in such a way as to save time, lives, and money. Our DMV Certified Driver Improvement Clinic is a lively interactive class that equips people of all ages to drive defensively by teaching them to recognize the hazards, understand the defense, and act correctly in time.  In addition, the course addresses common driving violations that result in collisions and how to change driving habits to eliminate moving violations.

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Frequently asked questions

Is this DMV certified?

Yes. We are accredited by the VA DMV and our course is accepted by all courts in Virginia.

Will my insurance rates go down if I take this course?

Many insurance companies give discounts to people who take this course. Speak to your insurance agent to find out if your company is one of them.

I was told I needed to take a course with the National Safety Council Curriculum. Do you have that?

Yes. Our in-person Driver Improvement Clinic is the 8 Hour National Safety Council curriculum. Our Driver Improvement Clinic satisfies 8 hour driving school requirements for every state in the United States.

Will I get points off my license for taking this course?

If you are taking the course to satisfy a court requirement, then you cannot get points - but you will probably get your ticket reduced or dropped. If you are taking the course to satisfy a DMV requirement, or as a Volunteer (once every two years), then you can get up to 5 points.

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