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Top 3 Reasons To Attend Drivers Ed - Even If You Don't Get A Ticket

June 24, 2021

Top 3 Reasons To Attend Drivers Ed - Even If You Don't Get A Ticket

Hit the brakes!  Stop!  Watch where you're going.  No, no, turn here.  You're going to fast.  You're going to slow.  Hands at ten and two.  You're going to run the light.  Are you paying attention to anything I say?  Did you see that sign?  Do you know where you're going?

Stop The Madness

Learning to drive can be an exciting yet scary and dauntless task.  Driving with a 'backseat' driver can be frustrating, annoying and angering.  Well-meaning friends and family members are not always the best people to learn from.

Pros for Drivers Ed

Learn from the experts:

Top 3 Reasons To Attend Drivers Ed - Even If You Don't Get A Ticket

One of the many pluses of taking an accredited Drivers Education course is you are learning from an expert.  While mom, dad, older brother or sister may be a great driver, they may not know or remember all the safety rules and tips.  Taking a state run course insures your instructor is up to date on all the latest traffic regulations and safety information you need to become the best driver possible.  Drivers ed also helps you prepare for both the written and driving tests.  A drivers ed course gives you the nuts and bolts on all you need to know:  controls and function of the vehicle, how to turn and make smooth stops and starts.

Save Money/Reduce Points:

Driving is expensive.  Yes, you need to buy a car, but there is also the on going cost of gasoline, maintenance up-keep, and more importantly: car insurance.  The monthly premium for a new teenager driver can be astronomical.  Get a few speeding tickets or in some minor fender benders and your insurance rate may get jacked up.  Taking a drivers education course or a defensive driving course can help reduce your car insurance costs.  Sometimes up to 10% off.  Who doesn't want to save some bucks?  Attending a defensive driving course can help remove those pesky points off of your driving record.  Too many points can result in the loss of your license.

Build your confidence:

Top 3 Reasons To Attend Drivers Ed - Even If You Don't Get A Ticket

Drivers education can boost your confidence.  The more confidence you have the better your overall driving abilities.  Learning from a highly trained and skilled professional will help give you the needed support, lift and personal instruction to make you a more proficient, skilled and confident driver.

There are many pro for finding a drivers ed course in your area.  Do your self a favor and go find one.  Drivers ed can make a huge difference in your skill and confidence.

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