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Top Ways Road Accidents Can Be Reduced on Virginia Roads

June 29, 2021

Top Ways Road Accidents Can Be Reduced on Virginia Roads

Alcohol and speeding are the major causes of road accidents that are reported in Virginia leading to fatal injuries and in most cases to death. This means that if these things were avoided, the casualties would still be home with their families and enjoying daily life. However, as a result of either their ignorance or just wanting to experiment, they lost lives and others become permanently disabled people and have to depend on family members for help. Therefore it is important for the general public and the drivers to always remind themselves what they ought to do so as to avoid road accidents. Here are some top ways road accidents on Virginia roads can be reduced.

1. Don’t Drive Unless You Are a Licensed Driver

Driving without a license is not permitted by law, and, therefore, you should not try it. Sometimes the parents will ignore this and leave their children with the access to car key and in the next minute, you hear the child was either injured severely or killed in a road accident. The first question you would ask is what was the child doing with the vehicle? If the parents had restricted access to the key, or they would have simply denied the child access to the vehicle, a life would be saved and property would be safe. However, as a result of irresponsibility by a parent, the child drives risking his/her own life and the lives of the other road users.

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2. Don’t Drive Under the Influence of Drugs

You have heard this for more than a thousand times now, but you still want to try it. Well, the law is clear and it is aimed at keeping you and other road users safe. Definitely, you know that judgment is impaired by driving while under influence of drugs if everyone observed this as a law and makes it their principle, then in the year 2014 over 300 lives would still be alive. Over 4,500 people would not have been injured and over 18,000 people would not have tested blood alcohol content of over 0.8. However because these people think they can drive, they either caused accidents or died or they damaged road infrastructure as a result of drunk driving.

3. Take Your Vehicle in for a Road Worthiness Inspection

Just the regular servicing is not guaranteed to keep you safe on the roads. You should have the vehicle inspected for roadworthiness regularly. In Virginia, every vehicle should be inspected in one of the 4,200 inspection stations, and this should be done once a year. Therefore it is important to make sure that your vehicle is taken for the inspection every year. Sometimes this doesn’t have to be done after the whole year; you might consider doing it even before the year is over. Note that this is not only because the law expects so, it is for your personal safety and that of other road users.

4. Avoid Speeding

Observing road speed limits and the adhering to road driving rules goes a long way to make sure you are safe on the roads. Over speeding should be avoided at all cost and people should learn how to plan to avoid last minute rush. Sometimes it might be a very urgent appointment, but remember you might miss it because you died in a road crash. Therefore as much as possibly can be, you should avoid over speeding on the roads. For remedial training on road usage, register at https://colonialdrivingschool.com/ or call us for a quote.

These are some of the common causes of deaths and injuries on the roads. The drivers should make sure they adhere to the recommendations always to make sure they are safe, and also for the safety of their passengers and other road users.