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Tips For Driving In Adverse Weather Conditions

June 29, 2021

Tips For Driving In Bad Weather

Driving in adverse weather conditions can challenge any driver, whether they have been driving for years or just got their license. Most importantly, drivers must be aware of the conditions and be able to react accordingly.


Sun Glare

Sun glare is one of the most common weather conditions that any driver will come across. There is a certain time of the day when the sun is close to setting that causes visibility to drop greatly. It will impair your visibility, so it’s important to firstly slow down. This will help with being able to react quicker if something goes wrong. Some other tips are to wear dark sunglasses and use a sun visor to aid in blocking the suns rays.

Hot Weather

Driving in hot weather can sometimes overwork and overheat your car. Keep an eye on your gauges, including the warning lights and the temperature gauge. If your temperature gauge is rising or is close to the red zone you have a few options:

  • Turn off the air conditioner and turn on the heater. This will help to reallocate some of the hot air away from the engine and into the car. You can roll your windows down in case the car gets too hot inside.
  • Put the car in park and lightly step on the gas in order to circulate coolant.

However, if the temperature gauge is in the red zone or your temperature alert light is on, you must pull over to the next safest spot and turn off the engine. Wait at least twenty minutes, and try to start the car again. If the light goes back on, call a mechanic. If you are trying to add water or coolant yourself, make sure the engine is fully cooled before taking off the radiator cap.


Fog can be extremely dangerous as it causes visibility to drop immensely. Some ways that you can combat fog are to use your defroster and wipers in unison to try and keep the fog off of your windshield. Make sure to use low beams. While high beams may seem to make the most sense, they will actually aid in blocking your visibility. Slow down your speed and increase space between you and other vehicles in case of any sudden stops. If the fog gets too bad, move off the road and wait for it to clear.

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