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Safe Driving As A Senior Citizen

June 29, 2021

Safe Driving As A Senior Citizen

Every year, there are 210,960 thousand injuries due to senior citizen car accidents. This means that there are 17,580 every month, and 586 every day. It is important to make sure that senior citizens are able to drive and have reeducated themselves due to impairments that might be age related. However, how do senior citizens go about this? Colonial Driving School offers courses that evaluate and educate senior citizens on their driving skills and abilities.

Mature drivers unfortunately are more susceptible to retaining injuries from car accidents than younger ones. In addition, they are more susceptible to death as well. For these reasons, it is important to identify any issues that a senior might have within their daily driving habits. These issues are usually age related, and might include obstacles like slower reaction time, impaired eyesight, or physical constraints.

What is a Senior Citizen Driver Evaluation?

A senior citizen driver evaluation is an appointment that can be made either by the senior or their loved one’s. This session helps Colonial Driving School to assess the senior’s physical capabilities and disabilities. It also help to assess their cognitive abilities. All of these factors are assessed in regards to successfully operating a vehicle. This evaluation will be completed by a professional in order to see the senior’s ability to operate a vehicle on any given road.

What Does a Senior Citizen Evaluation Help With?

The most important part of an evaluation is what you do with it after. Knowledge is one thing, but practice and implementation of changes for safety reasons are another. It isn’t a simple black and white answer of a senior’s ability to drive or not. But there are ways that they can be taught to compensate for any age related impairments or challenges. These compensations can be recommended by a professional. Colonial Driving School makes sure to go over these changes and fixes in a debriefing session with the senior after the evaluation. They will help the senior driver to identify and overcome their challenges on the road.

In conclusion, we want our loved ones and ourselves as seniors to be able to keep the independence and freedom that comes along with driving. But driving is a dangerous task for anybody, let alone somebody that might have some age-related complications. For these reasons it is important that we equip mature drivers with proper techniques and knowledge in order to be safer on the road. Contact us today if you would like to schedule a senior driving evaluation.