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Why Would Somebody Take An Online Driver Improvement Clinic

June 29, 2021

Why Would Somebody Take An Online Driver Improvement Clinic

What is an online driver improvement clinic?

Colonial Driving School’s Online Driver Improvement Clinic is an 8 hour course where you learn how to be a safer driver. You can log in and out as many times as you need, and it can be done completely online on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Payment is only asked for at the end of completion. We can then contact the DMV directly on your behalf to notify them of your test passing.

Why should I take an online driver improvement clinic?

There are four main reasons why somebody might want to take the online driver improvement course that Colonial Driving School provides.

1)      There is an insurance discount if you take the course.

When you take this course and pass the final exam, you will be sent a paper certificate in the mail by Colonial Driving School. You can send this in to your insurance company and they may participate in a discount program, which they will apply to your policy since you are now considered a “safe driver”.

2)      This clinic is court ordered and approved.

Major traffic violations or build up of points on your record can end up with the court ordering you to take an approved online driver improvement course such as this. When you are ordered to take a driver improvement course, failure to do so can end up in license revocation or suspension. Since our course is all online, and you can log in and out, you will be able to complete the course on your own time. You can take the final test online or in person, and we will be able to notify the DMV when you have passed.

3)      This clinic is DMV approved.

As we have mentioned before, this course is DMV approved. This means that when you complete the course and pass the test, we will send along a certification to the DMV that verifies you have met the necessary requirements for any reason that you may be taking the course.

4)      This course can give you safe driver points.

What are safe driver points? They are point that can be applied to your driving record that act as positive points against negative ones that you may have already received in a traffic violation. These negative points, or demerit points, are racked up dependent on how severe the violation is. Once too many points are received your license can be suspended or taken away with the requirement to complete a safe driver course. You can receive 1 positive point for driving safely for a whole year with no violations or you can receive 5 points just for taking the safe driver improvement course that we offer.

If you have more questions that you need answered about our Online Driver Improvement Course, then please contact Colonial Driving School today.