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How Do I Drive Safely Around a Curve?

June 28, 2021

How Do I Drive Safely Around a Curve?

How Do I Drive Safely Around A Curve

Curvy roads can be a fun, carefree type of adventure for most people and you don't have to be an extremist to get a thrill from it. Though very fun; curves are some of the most dangerous highways you can travel on. There were over 34,000 fatal car crashes in the U.S. alone. Half of these accidents were of people driving around dangerous curves. If not driven with caution; you or a loved one can possibly go down as another statistic.

This article is written to give insight on the dangers of curves when driving. There will be some tips and techniques that you, "the driver," can implement into your very own driving to help keep you safe. Let's get started shall we.

Tips And Techniques For Safe Curve Driving

How Do I Drive Safely Around a Curve?
  1. Obey Posted Speed Limits: Speeding is at the top of the list for driving in general and if you don't obey the rules of the roads; you'll end of killing you or someone else. If there isn't a speed limit sign near a curve, use good judgment and decrease your speed.
  2. Stay In Your Lane: When approaching curves always scan ahead and stay between the lane-lines. Do not hug the curve too closely while driving in the outer lane. If you're driving in the inner lane, try not to drift outward, which will cause an accident.
  3. Decrease In/Accelerate Out: After the midway point of the curve it is good to speed up just a bit. This way you can begin to catch up with the posted speed limit of the area. The opposite is to slow down when entering, which gives you a safer approach by giving the driver more control of the vehicle. Straighten the steering wheel as you come out of the curve. For more information go here: http://driving-tests.org/beginner-drivers/killer-curves.
How Do I Drive Safely Around a Curve?

Whether you're cruising around the mountains or driving a tight hair-pin in your neighborhood, steering around curves can be potentially tricky and dangerous. You have to respect the road way and never take anything or situation for granted. There is a basic process that goes on when driving curves. The body of the vehicle creates inertia, which is the "resistance of any physical object to any change of it's state of motion."

More Tricks And Techniques

  1. Turn As Little As Possible: When approaching a curve, try moving over to the side of your lane that is the opposite of the direction of the curve. Always do the opposite and if the curb turns left, move over to the right side of your lane.
  2. Shifting gears: For better control of manual transmission cars; never shift gears.
  3. Passing: Never pass rounding a curve.

These are just a few of the things you can do to protect yourself and others. Common sense goes along way. https://www.sgi.sk.ca/individuals/licensing/studyg.