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Do It Yourself Car Maintenance: Spring Maintenance Auto Checklist

June 29, 2021

Do It Yourself Car Maintenance: Spring Maintenance Auto Checklist

It’s that time of year again. Flowers blooming, pollen falling and most importantly time to work on your car maintenance.

Spring is a great time to be outside and partake in outdoor activities. One helpful thing that more people should do is work on their car maintenance. Instead of going out and paying someone at a shop you can instead do a couple of things yourself for a fraction of the cost. In fact you can change the air filter yourself for less than $20 which is far less than the cost at a shop or mechanic workspace. A great idea when it comes to the air filter is the fact that you can simply hitting it with some compressed air to clean out any foreign debris, this simple act will extend the life of the filter.

It’s also a little known fact that you can attach and/or remove the spark plugs on your own without a mechanic.

Most spark plugs require that they be replaced after driving a total of about 30,000 miles. While the whole process of changing a spark plug might sound challenging, it is in fact a very simple process. All that is necessary on your part is to simply exert patience and not get frustrated. Just take a breath and push on, because it is not as hard as it appears.

Giving yourself an oil change is another great way to save money and maintain your car yourself while the weather is decent.

Many car experts say that it is imperative that for every 3,000 miles that are driven an oil change is necessary. However, when better products are used on your vehicle it is proven that this time is significantly increased. When changing the oil make sure not to do it when the engine is hot, unless you’re looking forward to getting scalded by hot oil.

It is also a good idea while under the hood to check and make sure that the battery is in proper clean condition.

It’ is very costly to replace a car battery, this can easily be avoided by checking the battery with a battery tester to see just how charged it actually is, also make sure the battery is looking very clean and pristine because all it takes is some dust to turn into rust and you will have a very costly and unnecessary problem on your hands.

These are just some ways to work on the car maintenance and of course there are many things that can be done in accordance with the few mentioned.