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Do I Drive Safely? Take the Quiz!

June 28, 2021

Do I Drive Safely? Take the Quiz!

Learning to drive safely helps you develop safe defensive driving habits. This is important because over time people fall into their own patterns of driving and many times forget what they learned in Driver’s Ed.

If you use these driving techniques you’re well on your way to developing safe, defensive driving habits that will help ensure you drive safely and you’re sure to ace the quiz.

Drive Safely. Defensive Driving Techniques

Drive Under the Influence

Things happen fast when you’re driving and you need to react properly to stay safe. Drive safely by never driving under the influence of any type of substance because your judgment may become impaired. This includes being tired or stressed-out as well as alcohol or drugs.

Don’t Rush.

Even if you’re running late it does no good to try to force your way and it won’t get you to your destination any sooner. In fact many accidents are caused by people who are rushing to get somewhere on time.

Because of traffic signals and stop signs most of the time you’ll wind-up meeting the same people you passed at the next stop. Take a second to clear your head and follow all traffic laws. Remember to drive safely and be safe.

Following Distance

Do I Drive Safely Take the Quiz!2

Most often you see drivers get bunched together in groups with little distance between vehicles. This is dangerous because they don’t have time to slow down and are in risk of getting sandwiched between other vehicles. If you find yourself in this situation, put some distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you. Doing this tends to get rid of tailgaters as well so your safer from a rear end collision.

A moving vehicle takes time to slow down and stop. It’s important to keep the safe and recommended following distance between yourself and other drivers.

Plan for What’s Coming

Never get into the habit of looking directly in front of your vehicle. This develops tunnel vision and you won’t notice what’s coming-up. Pot holes, rain clouds and road obstructions can be more easily dealt with if you give yourself time to plan and react. Drive safely by looking ahead of you.


Do I Drive Safely? Take the Quiz!

Every time you get into a vehicle you must wear your seatbelt. They help reduce injuries and whip lash so do your body a favor and buckle-up.

Don’t Speed

Speeding gives you less time to react to oncoming situations and many times a stop signal will negate any time you think you made-up while driving fast.

When you get into the habit of driving the normal 5 or 10 miles over the speed limit you also increase the chance of getting pulled over. Traffic tickets are no expensive and can raise your insurance rates so drive safely and save your money.

The above tips will help you to always drive safely. Make sure you study and use them when you’re on the road..