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Vehicle Break In Protection Guideline

June 29, 2021

Vehicle Break In Protection Guideline

Have you ever had a vehicle break in and gotten something important stolen from you?

On top of that, now you also have to get your window repaired and replaced with new glass. The whole ordeal can end up being very expensive and result in zero justice to whomever broke in. However, there are ways to protect yourself and your car from a potential vehicle break in. Don’t let yourself be a victim and take these steps today!

1.      Make sure your belongings aren’t visible.

One of the biggest reasons that somebody will choose to break into your car over somebody else’s is what they see inside.  If they don’t see anything, they will be less likely to put in the effort for something that isn’t guaranteed. This means that when you leave your car, it is important to lock everything of value in the trunk and out of site. Also remember that just because you know something isn’t “of value” doesn’t mean that the thief does. Any kind of purse, wallet, or piece of technology that could be seen as valuable from outside the car should be moved.

2.      Park in well-lit areas at night.

A car parked in a dark corner at the back of a non-busy parking lot is the best target for a thief. They have a much better chance of getting in and out without anybody even noticing that they were there. For this reason, make sure to always park in the most public place you can at night. And if possible, park under a street lamp or in the direct light of a store front. This will deter thieves as they will feel much more vulnerable in the light.

3.      Don’t pack things you bought in your car and walk away.

Sometimes, especially during a holiday or shopping season, thieves will actively case the area they are targeting. They will watch people come out of stores, pack up everything they bought, and walk away to do more shopping or something else. Since it isn’t easy to know if you are being watched, just be careful to keep all of your bags with you until it’s time to leave. It might be inconvenient, but it’s more inconvenient to lose everything you just bought by getting it stolen!

4.      Lock your car and set the alarm every time that you leave.

While this may seem like common sense, make sure to lock your car and set the alarm every time that you leave. A vehicle break in is at it's easiest when somebody just doesn't lock their car or set an alarm to deter thieves. People might think that they are just running into a coffee shop quickly, but a professional thief can quickly steal your things too!