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Your Top Guide to Online Driver’s Ed in Virginia

June 30, 2021

Your Top Guide to Online Driver’s Ed in Virginia

In our virtual environment, many people wonder, “Can I take driving school online?”

Attending a Virginia driving school is necessary for anyone looking to get their driver’s license. It also offers a way for those who receive traffic violations to avoid paying fines.

But which class do you need and can you take it online?

Whether you can take an online driving course in Virginia depends on which course you need. Online driver’s ed in VA is convenient, but different driving situations require different classes. You may need to complete some courses in person.

Keep reading to learn more about online driving schools in VA and which course fits your situation.

Can I Take Driving School Online?

There are many different kinds of Virginia driving courses. You can take some Virginia driving courses online, while others are in-person only.

Here’s a list of the four most common driving courses, the requirements they satisfy, and which ones you can take online.

1. Teen Driver’s Education

Teenagers under the age of 18 need to complete two portions before receiving a Virginia driver’s license:

  1. Pass the 30-hour knowledge course
  2. Complete behind-the-wheel

Both of these requirements are necessary before getting a valid license.

Knowledge Course

The 30-hour classroom course satisfies the DMV requirements for students 17 and under. This course can be done in-person or online.

Students will learn many different concepts, techniques, and strategies during the knowledge course to help minimize risk.

After completing this course, students will need to finish behind the wheel.

Behind the Wheel

Behind-the-wheel is the in-vehicle requirement to get a license and is only offered in-person with a trained and licensed driving instructor.

Behind-the-wheel consists of seven 50-minute driving lessons. In every lesson, the student will showcase driving knowledge and skill in a variety of situations.

Upon completion of the in-vehicle and classroom portion, anyone 17 and under will receive their license.

2. Driver Improvement Clinic

A driver improvement clinic is an 8-hour course that teaches and reinforces defensive driving habits. Driver’s under 20 must take this course in person, but anyone over 20 can choose to take it online. If you decide to take this course online, you’ll want to make sure your Virginia online driver improvement class is DMV-approved.

A DMV Va driver improvement course online is for anyone who:

  • Has received a speeding ticket
  • Has too many negative driving points
  • Is ordered by the court or DMV to take one
  • Voluntarily wants to receive five safe-driving points

For those who receive a speeding ticket, attending an online driver’s improvement course is often cheaper than paying the fine.

Once you finish an 8-hour driver improvement course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion.

3. 3-Fail Course

Anyone who fails the learner’s permit test three times must enroll in and complete a 3-fail course (also called the Driver Manual Course) before retaking their learner’s test.

The Driver Manual Course is an 8-hour in-person course.

Completing a 3-fail course at a Virginia driving school will allow you to retake the learner’s test as many times as you need to pass.

4. Adult Driver’s Education

An adult driver’s education course is a unique way for eligible adults to get a license quickly. It’s similar to the teen driver education course but is specifically for those who are:

  • 18 years or older
  • Have a Virginia learner’s permit
  • Can already drive
  • Have never held a valid driver’s license in VA before

If you meet these qualifications, you can start the three-step process to receive a license:

  1. Passing the in-person or online knowledge portion (if you don’t already have a learner’s permit)
  2. Completing seven 50-minute behind the wheel sessions
  3. Passing the DMV road skills test

You can take the knowledge portion online, but you must take the behind-the-wheel sessions and DMV road skills test in person.

Usually, this process would take around 60 days. However, taking an adult driver’s education course through a DMV-approved Virginia driving school allows you to finish the process much faster.

The Best Online Virginia Driving School

So, can you take driver’s ed online in Virginia? Yes and no.

There are many different Virginia driving school courses, but not every course is offered online. The only online driving courses in VA that are DMV-approved are:

  1. A driver improvement clinic (if you’re 20 or older)
  2. The teen driver’s education knowledge portion

All other courses need to be taken in-person at a DMV-approved driving school.

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Contact us today to learn which class is suitable for you so you can get out on the road as quickly as possible.