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Private Driving Lessons

Private Driving Lessons for Teenagers and Adults

We can work with anyone and everyone.

At Colonial Driving School we have instructors available to teach both days and evenings during the week as well as weekends. No matter what your age or special need, our instructors are committed to helping you become a safe and defensive driver.

We’ll see you through until you get your license

Your instructor will work with you until you’re ready for your Road Skills Test. At that point you can either get an appointment to go to the  DMV to test, OR, if you don’t want to wait for that, you can take the Adult Driver’s Education program at Colonial Driving School and get your Road Skills Test through us.

We can help you get your license

Schedule a private lesson and an instructor will personally tutor you in the content and give you tips about how to pass the DMV Road Test. We can simulate the range maneuvers that the DMV will use and practice, in advance, the tricky parts that cause people to fail. We also provide Pick Up/Drop Off Service for $10 per lesson (within 5 miles) or $2 per mile per lesson (above 5 miles from the driving school).

Depending on your number of lessons purchased, Colonial Driving School charges between $49-$60/hr.

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