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Why New Drivers Fail Their Driving Test

June 29, 2021

Why New Drivers Fail Their Driving Test

If you have recently failed your driver's education test, don’t lose hope. Many drivers initially fail their test for a variety of reasons. Some even fail three times, forcing them to have to take an 8 hour three fail test. At Colonial Driving School, we hope to provide some useful tips to help you prepare for your driver’s test or pass an 8-hour driver’s test if needed.

How to Prepare for Your Driver’s Test:

The driver’s test to earn your license consists of three parts, a vision screening, two knowledge exams, and an in car driver’s test.

Ensure with an eye doctor that your vision meets the following requirements:

1. Unrestricted driving:

Drivers must have at least 20/40 vision in one or both eyes and 110 degrees horizontal vision in one or both eyes.

2. Driving restricted to daytime hours:

Drivers must have 20/70 vision in one or both eyes. In addition, DMV recommends, “70 degrees, or better, horizontal vision. If you have vision in only one eye, you must have horizontal vision of at least 30 degrees or better when looking toward your nose and 40 degrees or better when lookingtoward your temple, or comparable measurement that shows a field of vision within this range.

Study for the two-part knowledge exam:

Part 1:

Part 1 of the knowledge exam consists of questions exclusively related to road signs. All 10 questions must be answered correctly. A good resource for studying these road signs is this quiz on the DMV website.

When taking this part of the knowledge test, look for questions like this:

When you encounter a flashing red light at an intersection, what should you do?

Be alert for an oncoming fire engine or ambulance ahead.

Slow down and proceed with caution.

Come to a complete stop before proceeding.

Speed up before the light changes to red.

(Source DMV.Virginia.gov)

Part 2:

Part two of the knowledge exam consists of multiple choice questions related to the rest of what you learn in your driver’s manual and driver’s education classes.

*Pay close attention to the exact wording of the questions.

*Actually take time to study your driving manual.

*Take practice exams on the content at the DMV website.

Here is an example question from part 2 of the knowledge exam:

When you encounter broken yellow center lines, it means that passing on the left is allowed in either direction when the way ahead is clear.



(Source DMV.Virginia.gov)

Prepare for your in-car road skills test: (This will probably be taken at your driver’s education school or the DMV.)

The road skills test is the most intimidating part of earning your license. In my experience it was actually the easiest part of the process. Here are a few tips to help you prepare.

*Make sure your vehicle is good to go: DMV states that, “the vehicle must have a valid safety inspection sticker, license plates, registration card and decals, workingbrakes, safety belts, horn, lights, turn signals, mirrors and speedometer.

*Get a good night of sleep before hand.

*Be familiar with your vehicle and all the buttons and switches like turn signals, wipers, and hazard lights.

*Turn your blinker on plenty early when preparing to make a turn.

*Come to a COMPLETE stop at stop signs. (Don’t roll through)

*Use your mirrors and don’t be afraid to clarify your instructor’s questions.

*Practice driving on the road with your driver’s education instructor and your parents.

*When practice driving, ask questions and clarify what areas you need to improve in.

What Is the "Three Fail Test" and How to Prepare for It

When a driver’s ed trainee fails the driver’s exam three times they have to take an 8 hour course called the three fail course.

Here are some tips:

*If you fail any part of the two-part knowledge exam three times you must take an 8 hour at a driver training school.

*If you aren’t doing a behind the wheel driver’s education program and you fail the road test portion of your driver’s test three times you must enroll in a driver's education program.

*Don’t panic if you fail a part of the test three times. You can still earn your license. It may just take a little more time.

The process for earning your license can be daunting and confusing. However, if you take your time, pay attention to these tips, and relax, you will succeed. It is important to remember that even if you fail your driving exam three times you can still earn your license. If you listen to your driver’s education instructor and study the driving manual you will pass the test and be on your way to independence before you know it!