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Everything You Need to Know About VA Driver Improvement Courses

June 30, 2021

Everything You Need to Know About VA Driver Improvement Courses

Receiving traffic violations can be costly and may even lead to a suspended license.

Do you know what to do when you’re faced with driving violations? Have you been looking for the best Virginia driving improvement class?

Attending a Virginia traffic school can help you satisfy DMV or court requirements. A Virginia driver improvement course is often cheaper than paying traffic fines and only takes 8-hours to complete. These classes are usually offered online or in-person to fit your busy schedule.

Keep reading to learn all about VA driver courses and how to sign up for the best online driver improvement course in VA.

Who Needs to Take VA Driver Courses?

Anyone who has received a recent speeding ticket or traffic violation could need to take a Virginia driver improvement course. You can always pay the fine for your offense, but this could cost lots of money and will leave you with points on your driving record.

Instead, you can look for a Virginia safe driving course. Taking a Virginia driver improvement course is often cheaper than paying the fine. Attending Virginia traffic schools can also help reduce bad points on your driving record.

These courses can often be taken in-person or online, but you’ll want to make sure you take a DMV-approved driving course.

What Will I Do at a Virginia Traffic School?

A Virginia driving improvement class with help to refresh your driving knowledge and skills. It will focus on defensive driving by going over:

  • Common driving hazards
  • Correct reactions in hazardous situations
  • Common driving violations
  • Positive driving habits
  • Defensive driving techniques and thought processes

At the end of the course, whether in-person or online, you’ll need to take and pass the Virginia driver improvement final exam.

Why Should I Take a Virginia Driver Improvement Course?

Sometimes attending Virginia traffic school is required by the state or DMV. Other times, you may just want to get some safe driver points or lower your insurance.

Here are the top four reasons you may need to look into VA driver courses:

1. Required by the Court or DMV

Receiving a traffic violation in Virginia or having too many negative points on your record may lead to a DMV- or court-ordered driver improvement course in VA. This 8-hour classroom course will teach you defensive driving techniques and satisfy the DMV or court order.

There are some requirements you’ll want to make sure to follow when taking a Virginia driving improvement class:

  • Complete the class within 90-days of your order
  • Take a DMV-approved driving course
  • Finish the entirety of the course (the class instructor will usually provide you with a certificate upon completion)

Failure to do these three things will result in a suspension of your license until you complete them.

2. To Get Your License Reinstated

It’s not uncommon for people to have their license suspended. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t worry. There are steps you can take to get your license reinstated.

Requirements for reinstatement will vary from situation to situation, but one common step is usually taking a driver improvement course. A DMV-approved driver improvement program of VA can help you relearn valuable driving skills and show that you’re ready to get back on the road (safely, of course).

3. Lower Your Insurance Rates

Some car insurance companies will lower your rates if you complete an in-person or online Virginia safe driving course. By voluntarily taking a class and showing your insurance the results, you can begin paying less for your insurance each month.

Make sure you check with your specific insurance company to see if they do this. If they do, you can sign up for the best online driver improvement course in VA today.

Even if your insurance doesn’t lower rates for driver improvement course completion, there are other benefits to voluntarily taking a safe driving class.

4. Receive Safe Driving Points

Did you know that Virginia uses points to rate drivers?

Virginia gives demerit points for unsafe driving (traffic violations), and you receive safe driving points for good driving.

Are you wondering how to earn safe driving points in VA?

By taking a Virginia driver improvement course, you can earn five safe driving points. These can help eliminate negative points on your driving record or be added to your overall safe point total. However, you can only have a total of 5 safe driving points on your record at one time.

A common question about safe driving points is, “How often can you take driver improvement courses in VA to get good points?” The answer is that you can take a driver improvement course every 24 months.

The Best Online Driver Improvement Course in VA

A Virginia driver improvement class provides an excellent resource for drivers looking to satisfy DMV or court orders, get their license reinstated, or receive five safe driving points. At a Virginia traffic school, you’ll learn defensive driving techniques and refresh your driving knowledge.

Are you ready to sign up for VA driver courses and start reaping the benefits?

At Colonial Driving School, we’ve helped thousands of drivers improve their driving skills and become more confident behind the wheel. We offer a host of in-person and online courses to suit your every need. Our classes are DMV-approved, and our experienced staff will make sure you meet all the driving requirements necessary.  

Register for our online driver improvement clinic or sign up for our in-person clinic (receive a $15 discount when you sign up online for the in-person class) today. Whichever you choose, we know you’ll be back on the road in no time.