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Virginia Certified 8-Hour Driver Improvement Course

June 29, 2021

Virginia Certified 8-Hour Driver Improvement Course

There are nearly six million licensed drivers in Virginia (VA). Are you one of them? If so, a driver improvement course can help you stay as safe as possible on the road.

Whether you need a Virginia driver improvement program after a traffic violation or you simply want to become a more defensive driver, we've got you covered.

As one of the DMV approved driving schools (VA), we're taking a closer look at what a driver improvement course entails and the benefits you can expect when you sign up.

Ready to learn more? Let's get started.

What is a Virginia Driver Improvement Course?

At Colonial Driving School, we offer a DMV-certified, 8 hour driver improvement course (VA) as part of our Driver Improvement Clinic.

This *in-person driver improvement course is offered every Saturday at 8:00 a.m. and every other Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. in Colonial Heights for only $90. In addition, we also offer a flexible online course (at a $15 discount) to accommodate your busy schedule.

The interactive course is designed to equip Virginia drivers of all ages with the skills they need to drive defensively. It's centered on a series of course readings and short quizzes.

Key topics covered include:

  • Virginia traffic laws

  • Common road hazards

  • How to respond and act correctly

  • Common driving violations

  • How to improve driving habits

  • How to eliminate moving violations and prevent accidents

Why Should I Sign Up?

Any driver age 20 and older can take a defensive driving course (VA) for a variety of reasons including:

  • To satisfy a court order

  • To fulfill a DMV requirement

  • To dismiss a speeding ticket or traffic violation or reduce associated

  • To receive five Safe Driving Points on your license

  • To receive a discount on your auto insurance

If you've been involved in a traffic accident, the Virginia court system might require you to take a defensive driving course.

A frequently asked question is, “How often can I take the driver improvement course?” You can take one voluntarily every two years, or as often as required if mandated by the state.

Benefits of Enrolling With Colonial Driving School

Let's take a look at a few of the benefits you can reap when you sign up to take your defensive driving course with us.

DMV-Certified and Court-Approved

It's no secret that there are many national online driver improvement courses available. However, most of them aren't designed to meet state-specific requirements. That means you could spend your hard-earned time and money on a course, only to find that the Virginia court doesn't accept it.

That isn't the case when you partner with Colonial Driving School.

Regardless of the city you live in or the specific court you report to, our course is fully approved and accredited by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

If you're required to enroll based on a court order or DMV requirement, we have everything you need. Once you complete the course, you'll simply hand the certificate of completion to the courthouse. We'll notify the DMV on your behalf and let them know you attended.

Affordable, Expert Education

Especially if you're already paying for a ticket, you shouldn't have to face sky-high class fees on top of that expense. Our defensive driver course is only $90, but we offer a $15 discount for anyone who signs up in advance rather than walking in on the day of class.

These are some of the most competitive and economical rates in the state, and we vow to keep them that way.

Flexible Scheduling Options

We'd love to see you in our in-person class, but we know that life can get busy. That's why we're proud to offer convenient online courses for only $74.95.

This price is substantially cheaper than a traffic ticket fine! It's also less than what you'd pay in insurance premiums if yours go up after an accident or violation. As such, most Virginia lawyers recommend that their clients take our course before heading to court.

Once you register, you can log in and out as many times as you like, covering the material over the course of several days.

Upon completion of the online course, most students come into our office to test and receive their final certificate. If that doesn't fit into your schedule, we'll work with you. We have different remote proctoring solutions available to fit a variety of student needs.

Ticket Elimination/Reduction

Many students take our course after receiving a traffic ticket. In many cases, showing the court and DMV that you've successfully completed the exam is enough to get your ticket dismissed altogether.

Other times, it can lead to a helpful fine reduction that alleviates some of your financial burden.

Lower Insurance Rates

Another benefit of taking our course? It can help you lower your monthly auto insurance rate.

Before signing up, contact your insurance provider and ask if they offer a discount to drivers who voluntarily enroll in such a program. If you're eligible, many will lower your rates slightly as a reward for staying diligent behind the wheel.

Safe Driving Points

The Virginia DMV uses a point system to reward and penalize drivers. It assigns “Safe Driving Points” to good drivers and “Demerit Points” to those convicted of a traffic violation.

Every year that you hold a state driver's license and drive without any suspensions or violations, you receive one Safe Driving Point, with five points being the maximum.

When you complete our driver improvement course, you can receive up to all five Safe Driving Points at once!

Sign Up For A Defensive Driving Course (VA)

Now that you know a little more about how our driver improvement course works, are you ready to learn more and sign up?

If so, you've come to the right school.

We've been in this business for more than 30 years and we're passionate about teaching our students how to stay safe and responsible every time they buckle up. Take our quick Service Quiz to find the course you need today or call us at 804-526-2197.