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Make Sure Your Company Car Users Drive Safely!

June 24, 2021

Make Sure Your Company Car Users Drive Safely!

As a company, you pride yourself on the professionalism that your organization possesses day in and day out. You know that your company has to nurture a strong reputation, so it is your desire to ensure that even the most junior company associate understands all of the rules and procedures regarding your company policies. However, there might be an area that you have overlooked. If you have a company car, there are a number of questions that you should ask yourself in order to ensure that your company continues be professional in all that they say and do and that all of your employees drive safely. Consider the following questions regarding the ability to drive safely:

Why Is It Important to Regulate The Use of A Company Vehicle?

To begin with, when the company car is driven home by employees, there is the potential for liability simply because they could get comfortable and let their guard down. When this happens, negligent entrustment liability is right around the corner. This is why it is important to have a policy in place for your company vehicles and for any periods where personal use is uncontrolled.

How Do I Ensure That My company Car Users Drive Safely?

Make Sure Your Company Car Users Drive Safely!

There are a number of policies that you can put into place in order to ensure that the company car drivers drive safely. First of all, the most important step is to make sure that all local laws are followed. For example, if the local laws require that you wear a seatbelt then that should certainly be followed. Moreover, if your state requires that your vehicles undergo a yearly emissions test, then this is an important rule that will ensure the safety of not just your employees but everyone around you. Finally, you need to strongly consider who is going to be driving the vehicle. After you have determined who will have those duties, the next step is to make sure that each and every driver has a copy of their Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) on file with your company, showing that they already do drive safely.

What Other Safety Measures Should be Put into Place So That Employees Drive Safely?

Make Sure Your Company Car Users Drive Safely!

Since your main goal is to ensure that all employees drive the car safely, there are a number of other measures that can be put into place. First of all, you are better able to drive safely with a travel radius policy. You should never allow the company vehicle to be utilized in an area outside of the radius unless you have personal approval from one of the supervisors. Finally, it is important for you to prohibit any activities that might cause more liability concerns. For example, prohibited policies should include rules based on the carrying of firearms, alcohol, picking up hitch-hikers, and obey any posted speed limits.

These and other guidelines will help you and your company develop an effective motor vehicle use policy and help everyone drive safely.