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How to Get a Driver's License for Teenagers in Virginia

June 29, 2021

How to Get a Driver's License for Teenagers in Virginia

There are many rites of passage that signal the passing from childhood to adulthood in the American society. One of those rites includes obtaining a driver's license. Driving can be exciting, but it also requires a lot of practice and responsibility. It is a big step for teenagers to take on their journey to adulthood.

There are several steps to follow to get a driver's license for teenagers in Virginia.

Obtaining a Learner's Permit

The first step is obviously to acquire a learner's permit from the DMV. Virginia law requires that teenagers be at least 15 and 6 months old to acquire a learner's permit. Teens must have the permission of their parent or legal guardian before obtaining a permit. In order to apply, teens must do the following:

  1. Complete the  driver's license application
  2. Have proof of identity and proof of Virginia residency
  3. Provide their social security number
  4. Pass the two part knowledge test
  5. Pass the vision test
  6. Pay the $3 permit fee and the $4 license fee

The learner's permit allows Virginia teens to drive while under the supervision of an adult at least 21 years of age or older.

Obtaining a License

In Virginia, teens must be 16 and 3 months old in order to obtain a driver's license. The steps for obtaining a license are as follows:

  1. Teens must complete a driver's ed course that consists of 64 hours of in-class and behind the wheel instruction.
  2. Once the course is completed, teens must bring their certificate of completion to the DMV office along with the below items.
  3. Must have the Virginia Driver's License Registration completed.
  4. Proof of identity, residency, and social security
  5. Proof of completed 45 hours of behind-the-wheel training
  6. Must pass the vision test
  7. Must pass the road skills test

Once you complete these steps, you're on the fast track to obtaining your license. Congratulations! To learn more about Virginia driving laws and getting a driver's license for teenagers in Virginia, visit http://www.dmv.org/va-virginia/.