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Free Driver’s Ed Practice Tests for Drivers Around the World

June 29, 2021

Free Driver’s Ed Practice Tests for Drivers Around the World

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If you’re running a driving school, you already know that many of your students are teenagers.

But before they can get behind the wheel, they’ll need to pass their permit examination.

Did you know that 70% of students fail their permit exam on the first attempt?

Here are the best online resources to help driving students ace their written or computerized permit test! Some states and countries still provide a written test while others have upgraded to a computerized version – these test questions will help students from around the world regardless!

These resources are based on DMV manuals, you’ll receive immediate feedback, there’s no registration required, and they’re absolutely free!


Taking your DMV written drivers license test can be a tricky proposition. Even for seasoned drivers, passing the written drivers license exam isn’t a sure thing. So, how can you best protect yourself from failing the written exam?
Practice. A lot!


Did you know that 70% of people fail their permit test the first time? With our extensive online collection of affordable practice permit tests, you can pass on your first try! It’s simple. Choose as many tests as you want and practice online until you’re ready. Then go take the test—we guarantee you’ll pass!


Did you know that 4 out of 10 people fail their DMV driving test the first time? Practice our sample permit tests for free as many times as you need – until you’re ready to take the real DMV test!

Driver’s Prep

Free DMV practice test with no hassle, no fees and no hidden gimmicks. Just simple driving test questions, answers, and explanations to help you pass your DMV written knowledge exam. Our DMV practice test tests are simple to use; read the question and click on the row with the correct answer.


Take free driver’s license tests, DMV practice tests, 136-question permit practice tests, road sign tests, motorcycle practice tests, final DMV exams, defensive driving tests, and teen driver safety exams!

Driver’s Ed Guru

If you’re learning to drive or teaching your teenager the rules of the road, you may be bewildered as to where to start. We’re dedicated to providing free instruction and advice for everything related to driver’s ed and learning how to drive!


The DMV Permit Practice written exam can be frustrating because of all the nuanced rules and regulations you are expected to know. Take a few of the permit practice tests here and succeed!

With these resources, your students will be much more likely to pass their permit exams on their first try and be eligible to begin behind-the-wheel training with your driving school!


…and may the force be with you!