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How Much Do Local Driving Schools Near Me Cost?

November 23, 2022

If you’re looking to get your license in Virginia, you’re likely comparing local driving schools to see who’s got the best reputation, price point, and driving instructors in Chester. We can’t speak for other driving schools in Chester or surrounding counties, but we are transparent about our prices. 

Keep reading to learn how much driver’s education (driver’s ed) and private driving lessons cost at Colonial Driving School.

How Much Are Driving Lessons Near Me?

In this section, we answer the FAQ, “How much are driving lessons near me?” so you know what to expect when you schedule driver’s ed classes. Teen driver’s ed, adult driver’s ed, and private driving lessons are the primary types of driving lessons in Chester and other parts of Virginia that we’ll cover.

Teen Driver’s Education

Teen driver’s education is for teenagers aged 17 and under who have received their learner’s permit and completed 45 hours of practice driving (15 hours at night) with their parents or another licensed driver.

The teen driver’s education course is two-part:

  1. Knowledge course (classroom): $180

The knowledge portion is a 30-hour course that teaches concepts, techniques, and strategies to minimize risks while driving. It also satisfies the 3-fail requirement for teens who never took driver's ed and have failed the learner's permit test 3 times. 

  1. Teen Behind-the-Wheel: $375

Behind-the-Wheel evaluates students’ readiness to have a license. A certified driving instructor in Chester, Hopewell, or Prince George, VA will conduct seven 50-minute drive times plus seven 50-minute observations on back roads, city streets, and highways. Upon successfully completing the Virginia Road Skills Test during the 7th lesson, students will receive a 6-month provisional license.

  1. Both Courses: $499

At Colonial Driving School, we offer a package consisting of both the Knowledge course and Behind-the-Wheel. To qualify, a student must have:

  1. Held a learner’s permit for at least nine months
  2. Completed 45 hours of driving with a parent
  3. Be fully competent in driving on back roads, main roads, highways, city streets, and parking

Adult Driver’s Education

Adult driver’s education is a 2-part driving course for adults age 18 or older. Those who complete this course receive an Adult Waiver and do not have to take the road test at the DMV or wait 60 days after gaining a learner’s permit. Like teen driver’s ed, Adult Driver’s Education includes a knowledge course and Behind-the-Wheel. 

  1. Knowledge course: $180

This 30-hour distance learning course satisfies the DMV knowledge requirement for adults aged 18 and up and the 3-Fail requirement for those trying to get a learner’s permit. The course begins with a short orientation and ends with a final exam.

  1. Adult Behind-the-Wheel: $375

Adults who have passed the Knowledge course and are already proficient drivers are eligible to sign up for Adult Behind the Wheel. Keep in mind that Behind-the-Wheel does not teach driving. It consists of seven 50-minute in-car sessions where students showcase their driving abilities. During the 7th session, students will take a road test. If they pass, they’ll receive an Adult Waiver, which can be presented to the DMV for a Driver's License.

  1. Both Courses: $499

Most adults sign up for the full Adult Driver's Education package. To qualify, a student must:

  1. Be 18 years of age or older
  2. Have a learner's permit
  3. Be a competent driver in all areas, including main roads, back roads, city, highway, and parking.

If you aren’t comfortable driving, consider signing up for some private driving lessons to learn the rules of the road and increase your confidence behind the wheel.

Private Driving Lessons for Teens and Adults

While Behind-the-Wheel is mainly for testing and licensing, private driving lessons actually teach students of all abilities and comfort levels how to drive. At Colonial Driving School, we have a long history of helping people learn to drive who have failed before and might have thought they never would be able to drive independently. 

To take private lessons, students must have a learner's permit or another document that allows them to legally drive in Virginia.

  1. Single Lesson (2 hours): $150

A single driving lesson is best if you need to refine a single skill, such as how to parallel park, or if you want to take a practice test before taking the DMV Road Skills Test.

  1. 3 Lesson Package: $420

If you have some driving experience but aren’t ready to take the DMV road test, a 3-lesson package may be a better fit than a single lesson to give you more time to learn. We recommend this package for people who have not yet driven on interstate highways. 

  1. 5 Lesson Package: $590

We consider this our Beginner Package. Our curriculum includes everything a beginner needs to know, from how to adjust your mirrors to how to merge in traffic. Brand new drivers usually need 5-10 lessons to go from the parking lot to the highway, so we recommend you start with a 5 lesson package. 

Students love the one-on-one instruction they receive in private lessons, which helps them overcome fears, increase confidence, and feel more comfortable behind the wheel. If you want to learn to drive, we want to help you achieve your goal!


Colonial Driving School: The Best Driving School in Chester and Surrounding Counties

If you’re searching for “places to learn driving near me” on Google, look no further than Colonial Driving School – a full-service driving school that offers driving lessons in Chester, Hopewell, Petersburg, and Prince George, Virginia. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and providing each and every student with driving skills that will last a lifetime.

Whether you’re a teen or an adult, we would be happy to assist you in becoming a skillful, licensed driver in Virginia. Our driving instructors in Chester, VA, and surrounding areas are ready to help you drive safely, defensively, and confidently. 

Give us a call today at (804) 526-2197 to learn more.