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The 5 Most Common Richmond Driving School Classes You Should Know About

June 30, 2021

The 5 Most Common Richmond Driving School Classes You Should Know About

Are you a teen or adult looking for the best, most affordable driving classes Richmond, VA has to offer?

Do you know all the classes Richmond driving schools offer?

Do you know the difference between the classes and which one is right for you?

Many driving schools in Chesterfield, VA and other places around Richmond offer a wide range of courses. The course that you need to take depends on your age and the requirements you’re looking to satisfy.

Before signing up for an RVA traffic school, it can be helpful to know which classes are offered and the one that meets your needs.

In this article, we’re sharing expert insight into driving school classes. Join us as we talk about adult behind-the-wheel, private driving lessons in Virginia, and more.

The Most Common Richmond Driving School Classes

Whether you’re a teenager looking to get your license or an adult that needs to satisfy a traffic violation, there are excellent driving schools in Richmond for you to attend. Every school will offer similar courses, but it can be confusing to know what the classes are and which ones you need to sign up for.

Here’s a list of the five most common driving classes in Richmond, VA, and some information on each one.

1. Driver Improvement Clinic

What it is: A driver improvement clinic is an 8-hour driving course that teaches defensive driving techniques to teens or adults. It satisfies all court and DMV requirements.

Who it’s for: This course is geared towards drivers who have received a speeding ticket or have too many negative driving points. Driver’s can also choose to voluntarily take this course every two years to receive up to five good driver points on their record.

How you take it: This course can be taken in person or online, but either way it lasts for 8 hours. It’s also important to note that if you take an online driver improvement course, you must take the final exam in person.

2. Teen Driver’s Education

What it is: The teen driver’s education course consists of two parts:

  1. The knowledge (classroom) course
  2. The Behind-the-wheel portion

The knowledge portion is a 30-hour course that teaches concepts, techniques, and strategies to minimize risks. Behind-the-wheel in Richmond, VA consists of seven 50-minute driving times with a certified driving instructor.

Who it’s for: Teen driver’s education is for teenagers age 17 and under. You must have already received your learner’s permit and have completed 45 hours of practice driving (15 hours at night) with your parents or another licensed driver.

How you take it: Driver education schools in Richmond, VA often allow the knowledge portion to be taken online or in-person. However, the behind-the-wheel test in VA must be completed in person with a licensed driving teacher.

3. 3-fail Course

What it is: The 3-fail course (also called the Driver Manual course by Richmond driving schools) is an 8-hour course. At the end of the course, you’ll receive a certificate that allows you to retake the Virginia learner’s permit test as many times as you need.

Who it’s for: This 8-hour re-examination course is for teenagers and adults who have failed the learner’s test three times.

How you take it: This course has different requirements depending on your age:

  • Teens 17 and younger who haven’t yet passed the Teen Driver’s Ed knowledge test (mentioned above under the “Teen Driver’s Education” section) must first take and pass that test. Then, you can take the 3-fail course.
  • Teens 17 and younger who have passed the knowledge test but failed the permit test three times must show a Driver’s Ed Green Card to take the 3-fail course.
  • Anyone 18 or older can take the 3-fail test at any point after failing the permit test three times.

4. Adult Driver’s Education

What it is: Adult driver’s education is a 3-step course:

  1. The knowledge portion
  2. Virginia behind-the-wheel program
  3. DMV road skills test

After completing all three steps, you’ll receive your Adult Waiver without needing to go to the DMV. Simply mail the DMV your waiver and they’ll send you your license.

Who it’s for: This adult course is for anyone who:

  • Is 18 years or older
  • Has a Virginia learner’s permit
  • Can already drive
  • Has never had a license in Virginia before

If you meet these requirements, then you can sign up for an adult driver school course.

How do you take it: The knowledge portion can be taken in person or online. It will prepare you to take the learner’s permit test (if you don’t already have it) and also satisfies any 3-fail requirements.

Adult behind-the-wheel consists of seven 50-minute in-car sessions to showcase your driving ability. If you aren’t comfortable driving, it may be best to sign up for some private driving lessons (more on these in the next section).

Finally, you’ll take the DMV Road Skills Test in person at the driving school. Once you pass this test, the driving school will give you the Adult Waiver.

5. Private Driving Lessons

What it is: Private driving lessons in Virginia offer drivers an opportunity to get one-on-one help with in-car skills and maneuvers. A private instructor works with you until you’re ready for the DMV Road Skills Test.

Who it’s for: Richmond driving school private lessons are for teens or adults who aren’t yet comfortable behind the wheel of a car. It’s perfect for anyone who needs more hands-on assistance and guidance with driving a car.

How you take it: You can sign up and take private lessons with a certified instructor at any RVA traffic school. Some schools even offer pick-up/drop-off services for a few extra dollars.

Access the Top Driving Classes in Richmond, VA

Many different driving schools in Chesterfield, VA and other areas around Richmond offer a wide range of driving classes. Each course is unique and tailored to meet specific DMV and driver requirements.

Some of the most commonly taken classes include the:

  • Driver Improvement Clinic
  • 3-fail Course
  • Teen Driver’s Education

There are also private driving lessons for those looking for one-on-one help behind the wheel and adult driver courses for anyone over 18 who wants to get a license.

Looking to sign up and take any of these classes?

Colonial Driving School in Colonial Heights, VA is one of the best driving schools in the Richmond, VA area. We offer all five of the most important driving classes. Whether you need to satisfy a court-ordered driver improvement program or are searching for private lessons, you’ll find it all here. Our instructors are passionate about helping students improve their driving techniques and all our courses are Virginia DMV-approved.

Contact us online, by phone at 804-526-2197, or email us at info@colonialdrivingschool.com. You can also use our Course Finder to help you find and sign up for the right class.