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DMV-Approved Driving Schools in Richmond, VA

June 30, 2021

DMV-Approved Driving Schools in Richmond, VA

Whether you've accumulated points on your license or simply need to brush up on your driving skills, a driver improvement course can help you gain your confidence back. Every driver of any age can benefit greatly from taking a quality driver improvement course.

If you're thinking of enrolling, read on to learn more about how DMV approved driving schools in Richmond, VA can help you get back on the road safely and confidently.

DMV Approved Driving Schools in Richmond VA

Whether you're looking to save money on your car insurance or you have a court-mandated order, make sure that you only attend a DMV approved Richmond driving school. These courses have been approved by the Virginia DMV, which means that they have verified the course meets all requirements to make drivers safer when they're behind the wheel.

If you need to show a certificate to the court or receive safe driver points for insurance, the course you take must be DMV approved. Our eight-hour Driver Improvement Clinic is both court-approved and DMV-certified. Courses that use the National Safety Council Defensive Driving curriculum, like ours, are an excellent option.

RVA Traffic School

The type of courses you enroll in can depend on your schedule and many other factors. If you want to attend our Driver Improvement Course in Richmond VA, it's easy to enroll online and schedule an appointment.

During the course, you'll learn how to drive in a way that saves money, time, and lives. The clinic is an interactive class that teaches drivers of all ages how to drive defensively. You'll learn how to recognize hazards, understand the principles of defensive driving, and learn how to respond to critical road-related scenarios in time.

This traffic school also addresses some of the most common driving violations that result in collisions. You will learn how to change your driving habits so you can eliminate moving violations in the future and be safer whenever you're on the road.

The eight-hour Driver Improvement clinic is for anyone who has received a speeding ticket or who has too many negative driving points on their record. Anyone who has been referred to a driving school by the Virginia court system or DMV should enroll in the course. It's also a great option for anyone who volunteers to take the course, as they can receive up to five safe driving points on their record to lower their auto insurance rates.

Online Driving Classes Richmond VA

If you lead a busy lifestyle, you may not have time to attend an in-person driver improvement course. Thankfully, our online class is available to drivers ages 20 and older.

This class is specific to Virginia, which means it's approved by the courts and the DMV. Many lawyers will advise their clients to take this course before their court date to show the judge they're serious about improving their driving. Taking the course could lower your fine or even result in the case being dismissed.

Once you register for the class, you can begin right away, or you may start the class whenever you're ready. The course features several readings and quizzes to test your knowledge of VA driving laws and other driving techniques.

Virginia law requires this to be an eight-hour course, so all of the readings are on timers to ensure that your participation time is a full eight hours. This also gives you plenty of time to digest the information before you take the quizzes.

Once you complete our Driver Improvement Course Richmond VA, stop by to take your final exam. You will receive an official certificate showing that you've completed the course and passed the exam. The entire process should take less than 30 minutes and there's no need to make an appointment ahead of time.

Why You Should Take Our Driver Improvement Course Richmond VA

There are many reasons why you should take the driver improvement courses we offer. One reason could be to brush up your driving skills to make sure that you're safe on the road. Another may be because you received a court-mandated order and need to complete the course before you go to court.

No matter your reason, these courses can help you learn some new skills and techniques for safer driving. You'll learn more about the current Virginia traffic laws to help you avoid a ticket in the future. You will also learn about common road hazards and how to respond and act correctly in various scenarios.

Students will discover some of the most common driving violations in Virginia and how to avoid them. Perhaps most importantly, you will learn how to improve your driving habits and how to prevent accidents so you and your passengers stay safe on Virginia roads.

Improve Your Driving Today

With our Driver Improvement Course Richmond VA, you'll receive DMV approved classes to improve your record, reduce fines, and possibly receive safe driver points. Whether you attend our classes in person or enroll online, these courses will help you become a better, more aware driver.

Talk to your insurance provider and ask if they offer rewards for Safe Driving Points. If you're waiting for a court date, be sure to talk to your lawyer about the benefits of enrolling in Richmond defensive driving school.

For more information about our courses, visit our website and contact us today to find out how to enroll.