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Car Safety & Safe Driving - How To Be Safe?

June 28, 2021

Car Safety & Safe Driving - How To Be Safe?

It's important to be a safe driver. Not only do you save on insurance but you could save a life too simply from practicing good car safety. All too often new drivers are victim to intimidation from lack of experience and experienced drivers are too presumptuous in their extensive experience driving that sometimes they don't pay as much attention as they should. The best way to practice car safety is to follow the few basic tips below.

Pre-trip Your Vehicle

Most drivers really don't think about it being part of proper car safety unless they've driven professionally but inspecting the outside of your vehicle before you leave can make a difference in your overall car safety. Realistically taking a few moments to make sure the break lights work, the license plate bulb is active (if you have one), and the headlights and windshield wipers are functional can be lifesaving, not only to protect from getting a ticket but also against unforeseen events such as sudden changes in the weather.

Don't Speed

Car Safety & Safe Driving - How To Be Safe?

When you're a new driver it can be easy to be intimidated to try to keep up with everyone else when driving. Often times the flow of traffic is traveling faster than the speed limit. This can be particularly frustrating when more experienced and impatient drivers are tailgating you. Don't let them stress you out. Instead, remind yourself that you have zero control over the back end of the car if they hit you but you do have control over the safety of the rest of the vehicle as it moves. Be sure to practice the best car safety you can so you and other drivers can stay unharmed during your travels.

For older, more experienced drivers it's important to remember that basic car safety (like going the speed limit) can save lives. Going five over the limit won't make any difference at all in your commute and traveling over ten miles over in most cases is jail time along with a ticket for reckless driving. Nothing is worth that kind of stress. Be sure to give yourself extra time before leaving home.

Refuse the Urge to Multitask

Car Safety & Safe Driving - How To Be Safe?

Most people can't multitask while driving but they believe they can. This has led to all sorts of nasty accidents. As a new driver, practicing proper car safety is of the utmost importance. Practicing poor habits can be harder to correct later on and more than likely you'll be facing future accidents. Until you've actually been in one, you'll never know just how frightening they can be.

As a more experienced driver, it's easy to become involved in multiple things while driving. Then again, if you choose to take your eyes off the road to text you could find yourself ramming into the back of the vehicle in front of you or even drive right off the road. Even just taking a few moments to dig around in your purse can cause a fender-bender. Practice proper car safety and don't multitask.