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What is Adult Driving Education in Virginia and How Does it Work?

June 29, 2021

What is Adult Driving Education in Virginia and How Does it Work?

Adult Driving Education in Virginia can be daunting for some people – especially if they don’t know where to even start or how much work is involved to obtain their drivers license. It is important that adults understand it doesn’t have to be a hard process and that it can even be enjoyable! It is important to be informed before making a decision of time commitment, and below you can learn more information about adult driving school in Virginia.

Who should take adult driving education in Virginia?

People that need to take adult driving education courses are those that are over the age of 19 and that do not yet have a drivers license. This course is for adults that would like to take the next step in becoming a licensed driver, have full working knowledge of Virginia statues, and be able to operate a motor vehicle safely and responsibly.

How does adult driving education work in Virginia?

There are two steps to adult driving education courses. Firstly, one must attend in class instruction. In addition, the student must take behind the wheel sessions training at actually driving in the car. After both of these parts of the course are completed, a driving school will authorize your new drivers license!

Classroom –

There are thirty hours that must be completed of in class instruction. This instruction will be interactive and interesting, including best driving practices, emergency procedures, vehicle maintenance, as well as Virginia statues and driving laws and much more. At Colonial Driving school, these classes are offered to adults on the weekends.

Behind the Wheel –

Seven behind the wheel instruction sessions are also required in addition to the classroom work. These classes will help the students become more comfortable and confident behind the wheel and put what they are learning in class to the test. They will learn skills such as driving on highways, defensive driving, country road driving, safety maneuvers, parking procedures, and much more. At Colonial Driving School, these sessions are offered after in class sessions on the weekend or at other flexible times.

What can Colonial Driving School offer for adult driving education in Virginia?

Colonial Driving School offers approved curriculum in an enjoyable and convenient manner. Classes are taught by professional instructors that are well-trained, qualified, and that enjoy what they do. The DMV doesn’t have to be a part of the process because we are a DMV authorized Driving Training School. What does this mean exactly? It means that you can do everything from classes and on road training to receiving your drivers license in house without any stress from the DMV. You don’t even have to worry about the 60 day waiting period and we offer the course at a great price! Contact Colonial Driving School today if you are ready to take the next step and receive your drivers license.