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Why do you need to take driving school?

I got a ticket or want to take points off my license
I failed the learner's permit test 3 times

Looks like you need the Driver Improvement Clinic.

How old are you?

I'm 18 or older
I'm under 18 and have completed Driver's Ed
I'm under 18 and have not completed Driver's Ed

You need the 3 Fail Re-examination Course.

Because you’ve taken Driver’s Ed, you qualify to take the 3 Fail Re-Examination Course.

You have to take a full Driver's Ed course to satisfy your 3 Fail requirement.

Which of these options fits?

I can drive but need Driver's Ed/Behind-the-Wheel
I need on-road lessons to learn to drive

How old are you?

Hmmm. Not quite sure. Can you contact us?

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