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Three Fail Registration

Fast. Easy. Simple

Get your certificate directly after class!
Complete the course in 1 day!
Pay only $55 to register (the remaining $120 is due before class).
Classes are every other Saturday beginning at 8:30am
We’ll send you a confirmation email with address, date, & time!
If the date is selectable, we have space! 

Complete the course in 1 day!
Pay only $55 to register (the remaining $120 is due before class).

You have questions. We Have Answers.

Q: Is this the right course for me?
A: This class is for students who are 18 years or older who have failed their learners permit test 3 times at the DMV. In addition, students who are under 18, but have finished the classroom portion of drivers education, are eligible as well.

Q: What happens after the course?
A: You’ll receive a certificate of completion which will enable you to retake the test as many times as necessary before passing. You won’t be required to take this course again (even if you fail another 3 times).

Q: Do I need to bring anything?
The only thing you need to bring is a copy of your DMV customer #. This number will be on any official paper given to you by the DMV. You can also call the DMV and request it.

Q: I have a learning disability, is that a problem?
A: Not at all! Our instructors are well equipped to handle all types of students. In this class, we’re all learning together.

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What Our Customers Have Said

I was nervous when I first came to Colonial Driving School, but as I went through the private lessons, I started having fun! And here I am, I have my license! Great lessons, great school, and a great instructor!

Person In Chair

Jennifer is hands down the best driving teacher ever! I had never driven on the main road before I came here, and she made the whole experience so comfortable. I wouldn’t have gotten my license without her! Thanks for everything!

Colonial Driving School is a terrific place to learn how to drive. I took private lessons with Ms. Noyes and cannot praise her enough for her excellent instruction. She is incredibly patient and does a wonderful job keeping even the most anxious of people calm. Colonial Driving School has easily earned my highest recommendations.

Jennifer (the instructor) is awesome! Everything about this course is awesome!

I was incredibly pleased with my experience at Colonial Driving School. Due to my schedule, I was required to take the online version of the Driver Improvement Clinic. The curriculum was helpful, the price was competitive, and the manager was able to meet me halfway between where we both lived to administer the final exam. Overall, two thumbs up! I highly recommend it.


I’d give Colonial Driving School five stars! I went to the Driver Improvement Clinic because I had gotten a ticket, and I loved the energy and enthusiasm of the instructor, Mr. Carvalho. It was also $5 cheaper than the other driving school in Colonial Heights. If you need driving school, this is definitely the one to attend.

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