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I was incredibly pleased with my experience at Colonial Driving School. Due to my schedule, I was required to take the online version of the Driver Improvement Clinic. The curriculum was helpful, the price was competitive, and the manager was able to meet me halfway between where we both lived to administer the final exam. Overall, two thumbs up! I highly recommend it.


I’d give Colonial Driving School five stars! I went to the Driver Improvement Clinic because I had gotten a ticket, and I loved the energy and enthusiasm of the instructor, Mr. Carvalho. It was also $5 cheaper than the other driving school in Colonial Heights. If you need driving school, this is definitely the one to attend.

I was pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable this driving school was. The staff was very relational which provided an excellent learning environment. The tips my instructor (Pedro) gave were practical and interesting, which, combined with his interactive teaching style, allowed me to retain and implement defensive driving techniques without even having to think about it. Also, it was MUCH cheaper than other driving schools. I will definitely recommend.

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