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Online Driver Improvement Clinic
Our course is DMV/Court Approved for any student 20 and up.
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Virginia Online Driver Improvement Class for Out of State Drivers

Why should you take this course?

Our Remote Online Driver Improvement Course is the only Virginia Driver Improvement Course that can be taken completely online. While other courses require you to either go to a driving school in Virginia or another physical location, we offer a secure remote online proctoring service through a partnership with Proctor U. This is extremely useful if you are ticketed and live out of state or do not have time to go in for a proctored exam.

Next Steps

Register for DIC:

Start by clicking the link and register. After purchasing the class, you will be re-directed to the external class website where you will register and set up your login credentials. You can login and out as many times as you like as you take the class over several days.

Take the Driver Improvement Course:

You can start the course right away. The course consists of various readings and quizzes. Note: VA law requires this to be an 8-hour course, so the readings are on timers to prevent quick clicking through. (Sorry to all you speed readers!)

Register at Proctor U:

After finishing the course,
click here to register. You
should bookmark the link
for future logins.


Log back onto the Proctor U site.
Once on ProctorU’s site,
users can select a date and time to
take the exam. The interface
is pretty self-explanatory

Does it Cost More?

Exams are free as long as you
schedule at least 72 hours in
advance. There is no
cancellation fee.

Take the Exam:

On test-day, log back into
ProctorU. A representative
will walk you through the
testing process.

Call Us:

After completing your exam,
give us a call at (804) 526-2197.
We’ll process payment for your
course, notify DMV of your
successful completion, and
mail you your original


Does it Cost More to do the Proctored/Out of State?

No, we charge the same price.

How much does it cost?


Why take this Online Driver Improvement Course versus others?

We are the only driving school to offer a complete Drive Improvement Course Online that does not require a visit to either a driving school in Virginia or another physical location for a proctored exam.

Is this course accepted by the DMV and Courts

Yes, our Driver Improvement Course is accepted by all Virginia courts and we are approved by the DMV-VA.

How long will the course take?

The Driver Improvement Course will take about 8-hours.

The Proctored Exam on Proctor U will take less than an hour.

We're proud of how far we've come.

We’ve been in business for nearly 40 years and helped over 27,000 students become safe and legal drivers! We’re proud of our school, our services, and how far we’ve come! And of course, if you have any questions, please give us a call at (804) 526-2197.

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