Our Business Strategy

“Our attitude has always been that if you hire good people and provide good wages and good jobs and more than that – if you provide careers – good things will happen to your company.” – James Sinegal

Become a Sales Associate

Don’t let the term “sales associate” fool you. Sales associates are the glue that hold our business together. From answering phone calls, to processing files, to aiding in business decisions, the sales associate role is absolutely crucial! If you’re social, have a knack for sales, or are interested in real life business experience, apply below!

Become an Instructor

Our goal is to be the best driving school in the Tri-Cities area. That, of course, means hiring the best instructors. If you have a passion for teaching and want to help change lives for the better, Colonial Driving School might be right for you! We’ll train and empower you to add value to your students while you teach them defensive driving techniques!