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Teen Drivers Education

Driving School for Teens in Chesterfield, Virginia

The Four Steps to Getting a License

Driver's Education

Students are required to take a 30-hour classroom course which teaches them Virginia specific laws, defensive driving, and how to be a safe and responsible automobile owner.


Students are also required to take Behind-the-Wheel, which consists of 7 in-car sessions. Students drive for 50 minutes and observe other drivers for 50 minutes.*

Waiting Period

Before students are eligible to be licensed, they must have a learner’s permit for 9 months. The license we issue them upon completion of Behind-the-Wheel becomes valid on their eligibility date.

45 Hour Log

Students must complete a 45-hour log of driving done with their parents. Fifteen of those hours must be completed at nighttime. The parent must sign a statement that this is complete before we can issue a driver’s license.

For a complete guide, check out our blog on how to get a driver’s license!

*Behind-the-Wheel isn’t designed to teach driving, but to prove that the student is ready to have a license. If you’d like us to teach you to drive, check out our private driving lessons!

Drivers Education


Our classroom curriculum has been approved by the Department of Education to be a comprehensive overview for Chesterfield drivers. During the course, the students will learn a variety of different concepts, techniques, and strategies to help minimize risk. This 30 hour course is offered in monthly modules for $250. You can register over the phone or in person.

In addition to completing Classroom, students will need to complete 45 hours of supervised driving with their parents (15 of which must be at night), take in-vehicle Behind-the-Wheel instruction, and successfully pass the road skills examination before we can issue them their provisional driver’s license.

Note: We also offer Private Driving Lessons for families of teens that need a trained professional to teach their teen the basics, in a specially equipped driving-school vehicle. Please call the office for details.


Behind-the-Wheel consists of seven lessons.  As mandated by state law, each lesson consists of 50 minutes of drive time and 50 minutes of observation time for each student. Sessions are conducted in a specially equipped DMV certified Driver’s Ed vehicle and include a combination of back roads, city, and highway driving. We administer the DMV road skills examination on the 7th lesson, and if the student passes and all the other requirements are met, we issue the student’s provisional driver’s license.  The price is $235. You can register over the phone or in person.

This is an exciting and important course for all teenagers. Our DMV Certified Instructors are specially trained to provide each student with the confidence and technique necessary to operate a motor vehicle safely and responsibly in Chesterfield, Virginia. At Colonial Driving School we pride ourselves most highly on our in-vehicle courses and amazing curriculum.

This is the classroom portion of Driver’s Education.  Classroom is the correct course for you if you are under 19 years of age, and you don’t have your learner’s yet.  (If you already took passed Classroom in school and are Re-Taking it now for 3 Fail, you qualify for a 3 Fail Discount — be sure to ask for it when you call to register!)

This course is for students who have already successfully completed the Classroom portion of Drivers Ed in high school,  Assuming all other requirements are satisfied, we’re authorized to issue you your license directly after your last class!  Give us a call to register and get scheduled today.

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