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Adult Drivers Education

Driving School for Adults in Chesterfield, Virginia

How to get a driver's license from us with NO 60 DAY WAITING PERIOD

Learner's Permit

You have to get your learner’s permit by passing the knowledge test at DMV, there is no way around that. They give you three tries to pass. After that, they require you to take a 3-Fail course before they will let you try the test again.

Adult Driver's Education

Our Adult Classroom course will prepare you to pass the learner’s permit test, and will satisfy any 3 Fail Requirement you may have. Most students pass the test the first time after taking this course.

Adult Behind-the-Wheel

Taken in conjunction with Adult Classroom, Adult Behind-the-Wheel allows Colonial Driving School to give you your driver’s license with no waiting period. It consists of 7 in-car lessons covering neighborhood, city, and suburban driving.

Road Test

After you complete Classroom and Behind-the-Wheel, we can administer your DMV road test and give you your driver’s license.  There is no need to wait 60 days or go to the DMV to be tested. We can do everything in-house, with no waiting period.

*Adult Behind-the-Wheel isn’t sufficient to prepare all students to get their license. True beginners may need to supplement with private driving lessons in order to gain the skill needed to pass the road test.

Two-Part Course

Adult Classroom

The classroom portion of Adult Drivers Education is a comprehensive overview of how to drive safely and responsibly in Chesterfield. Students gain a working knowledge of Virginia laws, rules of the road, emergency procedures, vehicle maintenance, and much more. The course is held every month, with rolling enrollment, and is 30 hours long. The course is conveniently located near Chesterfield, Virginia and satisfies the 3-Fail requirement for students who failed their learner’s permit test 3 times. If you wish to be licensed through Colonial Driving School with no waiting period, you must take Adult Classroom and Adult Behind-the-Wheel.

Adult Behind-the-Wheel

Adult Behind-the-Wheel consists of 7 lessons in a specially equipped DMV inspected driving school vehicle. Each lesson consists of 50 minutes of driving, and 50 minutes of observing another adult student drive. In these lessons, Chesterfield students have the opportunity to demonstrate their proficiency in all areas of driving including highways, city traffic, and various kinds of parking.  On the 7th lesson, if the student is prepared, the instructor may administer the DMV Road Test, and if the student passes, he can get his license from us that same day! Note: Students may need to supplement with outside practice and Private Lessons in order to be able to pass their road test.

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