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Why Court Ordered Driving School Is A Good Thing

Why Court Ordered Driving School Is A Good Thing

A court ordered driving school can benefit you in several ways. If you have the option of attending a driving school, doing so may actually result in a dismissal of your traffic ticket. Your insurance rates may be reduced and receive good driving record discounts. It is also possible that points may be removed from your driving record.

Court Ordered Driving SchoolDefensive driving and traffic schools vary by state, but usually cover the similar topics. Your state’s traffic laws will be covered as well as learning about the consequences of driving while using drugs and alcohol. Improving driving habits and how to safely share the road with others are also included in driving courses. Defensive driving and traffic schools are approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles in each state.

Court ordered driving school courses usually last from 4-12 hours. You may have the option of completing your course online. Make sure the driving school that you attend is approved by your state.

Who Is Eligible For A Court Ordered Driving School? 

Most states have similar requirements for attending a court ordered driving school. Generally, you would be eligible if you have a valid driver’s license and if your ticket is for a moving violation. Your eligibility to attend a driving school might be determined by your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles, a traffic court, or even your insurance company.

Who Is Not Eligible For A Court Ordered Driving School? 

Court Ordered Driving SchoolCourt ordered driving schools usually are not for people with non-moving violations or equipment violations. In many states you are not eligible for a driving school if your violation contains a mandatory court appearance or if your violation is alcohol related. You may not be eligible if your violation is a misdemeanor or if you were driving a commercial vehicle. You are usually not eligible if you have attended a court ordered driving school within the last 12-18 months.

What Are The Advantages Of Attending A Court Ordered Driving School? 

As mentioned above, the advantages of attending a court ordered driving school can vary by state. But if you are given the option of attending a driving school instead of paying a higher fine and reducing the points on your driver’s license, this is a good thing! Driving schools are state regulated. Driving schools teach defensive driving and how to anticipate the needed driving skills to avoid future violations.

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