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Pedestrian Safety

What's the main issue? Road safety doesn’t just apply to drivers. The people on the road who travel by foot, stroller, wheelchair, etc -- the pedestrians-- are the most susceptible to road-related injuries and accidents. Research shows that on average,…

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Vehicle Break In

Vehicle Break In Protection Guideline

Have you ever had a vehicle break in and gotten something important stolen from you? On top of that, now you also have to get your window repaired and replaced with new glass. The whole ordeal can end up being very expensive and…

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Senior Citizen

Safe Driving As A Senior Citizen

Every year, there are 210,960 thousand injuries due to senior citizen car accidents. This means that there are 17,580 every month, and 586 every day. It is important to make sure that senior citizens are able to drive and have…

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Mistakes Teens Make When Driving

Top 4 Mistakes Teens Make When Driving

Teens are just learning how to drive and are new to many of the skills that they are practicing. However, that doesn’t mean that these mistakes won’t have serious consequences. These errors can lead to car damage, injury, or even…

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