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Young Driver

7 Useful Driving Tips for New Drivers

Learning to operate a vehicle is an exciting time in any teenager's life. He or she is about to become a little bit more independent when driving all around town with a driver's license. Enjoying the privilege of driving, though,…

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New 2019 Driver Safety Technologies

There are a lot of new technologies being used in cars to make them safer for drivers. Advancements have been underway for decades in the physical design of vehicles to make them safer, but recently there have been significant breakthroughs…

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Virginia Teen Driving Restrictions

Virginia has some of the toughest teen driver restrictions and penalties in the nation. Once Virginia teens secure their permit or license, they must still pay attention to additional rules until they become adults. These restrictions deal with the number…

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When Should You Replace Your Tires?

  With winter approaching fast and our first big snow already here and gone driving conditions are going to get worse as winter progresses. With the potential for ice and snow this winter it is important to make sure your…

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