Hands Free Driving Is Safer Driving

Hands Free Driving Is Safer Driving

Why Should I Practice Hands Free Driving?   Many people might find themselves asking this question. Distracted driving has become an epidemic in today’s world when technology is constantly available and especially tempting in the form of a smart phone.…

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Road Rage And Anger Behind The Wheel

Road Rage and Anger Behind the Wheel

Everyone has witnessed or experienced road rage at least once in their life. Swerving across lanes, tailgating, and suddenly brake checking other, and excessive speeding. What triggers road rage? There are many things that can induce road rage; everything bad…

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Do I Drive Safely? Take The Quiz!

Do I Drive Safely? Take the Quiz!

Learning to drive safely helps you develop safe defensive driving habits. This is important because over time people fall into their own patterns of driving and many times forget what they learned in Driver’s Ed. If you use these driving…

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Examples Of Defensive Driving

Examples of Defensive Driving

What is Defensive Driving? A key element in being a safe, cautious driver is to practice using defensive driving strategies. Defensive driving can be compared to defense positions on a sports team. Just as in sports, you are defending your…

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