Ready to get your license? Here's how it works.

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Behind-the-Wheel in Chesterfield, VA

Step 1 - Understand the Product

We offer a DMV approved Behind-the-Wheel course for teenagers who have already completed the classroom portion of Drivers Ed in high school. Our course consists of seven sessions (roughly 1 hour and 40 minutes per session). Each session includes both driving and observation. Students will be instructed on how to drive safely and responsibly in the state of Virginia, and after the 7th lesson, we will provide the student with his/her license!  The price for Behind the Wheel is $235.00.

Step 2 - Registration

Registration is very simple: just call the office between 9am-5pm Monday-Friday at (804) 526-2197. We have friendly sales associates ready to walk you through the process. After registering, Daryl Gibson (instructor) will contact you within 72 hours to set up the lessons. Students normally finish within 7-14 days. It’s that simple!

Step 3 - Become a Licensed Driver

After the 7th lesson, Colonial Driving School will issue the student a 180 day provisional license. If the student is under the age of 18, the student and his/her parent will receive an invitation to attend a licensing ceremony to receive the hard copy. For students that are 18, they will receive the hard copy in the mail.

Pick up and drop off? Yep, we do it.

We’re happy to provide our customers with the convenience and ease of home pick up and drop off! We provide this service for customers that live within a 20-minute radius of Harry G. Daniels park. You can click on the map and enter your address to see if your house falls within the radius.

If you qualify for home pick up and drop off, the start and end time of each lesson will vary by depending on geography, traffic, and road conditions. The student must be ready for pick-up for a window of time on the day of his/her lessons.  The price for Behind the Wheel with Pick-Up and Drop-Off is $275.00.

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