Pedro DeCarvalho


Mr. Pedro DeCarvalho comes to us from San Paulo, Brazil. Since childhood, Pedro lived all over the world, giving him a uniquely broad perspective and lots of cool stories to tell. Students very much enjoy the rich anecdotal character of his classes. He once said to his class, “Mr. Whitlow has been teaching for thirty years; the other instructors are natural born teachers; so I keep asking myself, ‘Why I was hired?’ It must be because of my good looks and charm!” In a way, he was right. His ability to present the information in a humorous and retainable way makes him a huge asset and a great teacher.

 Margarita Noyes


Mrs. Margarita Noyes is the new owner/operator of Colonial Driving School. Under the tutelage of Mr. Whitlow, Mrs. Noyes intends to revitalize the school and bring it back to its former status as a full-service driving school. Mrs. Noyes has been a teacher and a business owner for almost 3 decades. She received her Master’s degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from Columbia Biblical Seminary in 1988, assisted in running her husband’s business from 1993, and started her own online teaching service in 2008. She has a passion for teaching, and a passion for people, and her classes are characterized by lots of discussion and participation. If you prefer talking to listening to a lecture, then you will really enjoy Mrs. Noyes’s classes — she really makes you think!